Month: March 2016

10 Free Online Reading Websites for Students

Whether you’re looking to supplement your child’s education further at home, or looking for more educational activities for your child to engage in his or her free time, the internet is a great go-to resource. However, how often do you find yourself getting excited about a website when suddenly it is asking you to pay […]

10 Terrific Things Students Can Gain from After-School Enrichment Programs

When considering enrolling your student in an after-school enrichment program, you might wonder if it’s really worth it. Of course, you as the parent know what is absolutely best for your child, but if you are on the fence and wondering, “What’s in it for them?” then check out the following list. Things Students Can […]

English and Math Enrichment Programs for Kids: Real Families, Real Results—Vidya’s Family from Ohio

In 2011, Vidya’s family moved to India for two years after her husband’s passing. When they returned, Vidya’s young daughter Anisha was in kindergarten. While in India, Anisha completely stopped speaking English, and Vidya was concerned that it would negatively impact her ability to learn at school. Vidya decided to enroll Anisha in year-long classes […]

Why You Should Supplement Your Child’s Public Education with An After-School Enrichment Program

All education, unfortunately, as most parents know, is not created equal. Public schools can differ in teaching staff and resources depending on the school district in which you live. Areas that boast top-ranked public schools are usually more expensive. If parents do not live in a top-ranked school district, they may consider private school as […]

15 Free Online Math Programs to Improve Math for Middle School Students

Free online math programs are fantastic ways for middle school students to get extra practice without feeling like they’re doing extra homework. Unlike paper assignments, computer games are interactive and have exciting graphics and sound effects that are automatically more interesting to kids than numbers on a sheet of paper – even if the game […]

After-school Enrichment Programs vs. After-school Tutoring: What’s the Difference?

Maybe you are considering enrolling your child into an after-school program, but the question then becomes, “Which one?” And that is a completely valid question. With so many different options at your disposal, it can be confusing to understand and choose just the right one for your child. Would after-school tutoring be a better choice, […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in an After-school Enrichment Program

 You spend a lot of time fulfilling your child’s physical needs. You go to great lengths to make sure that evenings and weekends are filled with engaging physical activities, such as regular after-school sports or weekend sports camps. But just like sports camps can help your kids spend hours developing their physical abilities, at least […]