5 Amazing Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in an After-school Enrichment Program


 You spend a lot of time fulfilling your child’s physical needs. You go to great lengths to make sure that evenings and weekends are filled with engaging physical activities, such as regular after-school sports or weekend sports camps. But just like sports camps can help your kids spend hours developing their physical abilities, at least 5 amazing things can happen when you enroll your child into an after-school enrichment program.

Benefits of Enrolling in an After-school Enrichment Program

    1.Your Child Will Develop a Greater Understanding of School Subjects.

Does your child have difficulty understanding topics like the order of operations or rounding decimals? Your child may struggle with a particular topic or subject in school, but with the help of after-school tutoring, you may see improvement in your child’s understanding of that topic. This is because your child will spend extra time with a knowledgeable tutor focusing on topics that just didn’t make sense the first time it was taught. Focusing on trouble areas in a smaller setting can mean your child will develop a greater and more meaningful understanding of those topics.

     2.Your Child Will Learn to Collaborate.

A great after-school enrichment program offers a balance of individual learning as well as group participation opportunities. This collaboration can give your child the chance to work in a team to solve real world problems in math and English, which will build the skills he or she will need to be successful at school and later on in life. As your child develops greater communication abilities and greater attention to precision through these programs, he or she may also develop greater communication abilities as well as greater self-esteem.

     3.Your Child’s Test Scores Will Improve.

Taking a test can be a stressful event for any student. An after-school enrichment program can provide the opportunity to help your child refine his or her test taking skills. During the year, students, particularly in 3rd through 8th grade, take many standardized tests to determine their academic progress in math, English, and science. Your child can use can use an after-school tutoring program to learn new tips and strategies, practice concepts, or just build confidence before the tests. The best type of practice for any type of test is consistent and thorough practice that builds up to the test date with plenty of rest before. With MathWizard’s Preparing for Tests Month your child will not only get to practice tips and strategies, he or she will also get to practice with some of the topics he or she learned at school in the months before the big test.

     4.Your Student Will Learn Better Time Management.

Getting your homework done is not a race. It’s also not something better left for tomorrow. Any good system or schedule involves being consistent. One of the best things about an after-school enrichment program is that it will put your child on a schedule, and your child will learn to manage his or time from the example he or she learns from the experience. This experience can help your child learn to set a time aside to study, research for upcoming assignments, or get homework done. This is as important a skill to learn as taking notes in class, and both will be invaluable as your child moves on to college. Once your child learns a study routine, he or she will have that routine for the rest of his or her life, so it is best to pick up good habits as early as possible.

    5.Your Child Will Be Challenged.

Not only will your child have the opportunity to see the usual topics he or she sees in school once he or she joins an after-school enrichment program, your child will also have the opportunity to see more challenging curriculum that meets his or her academic goals. Whether your child would like to start writing longer and more complex compositions or would like to be introduced to beginning Algebra II while still taking Algebra I in school, an after-school enrichment program can provide the tools, teachers, and skills needed to enrich your child’s education.

What positive change have you seen upon enrolling your child in an after-school enrichment program? Let us know if the comments!

Author: Nicole Acevedo, Program Manager at MathWizard, Inc.

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