10 Free Online Reading Websites for Students


Whether you’re looking to supplement your child’s education further at home, or looking for more educational activities for your child to engage in his or her free time, the internet is a great go-to resource. However, how often do you find yourself getting excited about a website when suddenly it is asking you to pay to use it?

That can be frustrating, and we’ve all been there. But look no further! I’ve done the leg work for you, and for the low, low price of only $9.99 a mo – wait, what? Only kidding – I’ll cut to the chase. Without further ado, I present to you a list of free (FREE!) online reading websites for students.

10 Free Online Reading Websites for Students

  1. Starfall (Grades PK-KG): This is a free website designed for students in the PK-KG range. It is a great resource for practicing the very basic building blocks of reading. Your child can practice his or her ABC’s (Even learn sign language!) and then move on to phonics, beginning reading, and more solid reading practice. This is a great resource to get a jump start on your young child’s reading skills.
  2. Reading Bear (Grades PK-1): Reading Bear is a great site for beginning readers. It focuses on building phonics, which can create confident, fluent readers who will not shy away from new words. Have your child start from the very beginning of the alphabet and learn how to build words from the ground up by mastering letter sounds, blends, digraphs, and endings. He or she can even take quizzes to check his or her progress!
  3. Progressive Phonics (Grades PK-3): Progressive phonics is also a free site designed for beginning readers, but it does advance into a 3rd-grade level. You can have your child practice his or her ABC’s all the way through handwriting and advanced phonics. The site contains free downloadable books that can be printed or read on screen, as well as worksheets and tests.
  4. Highlights Kids (Grades PK-6): If your household is a fan of Highlights Magazine, then this is a great website for you! It is not limited only to reading, but in the “Read It” section of the website, you can find a range of great reading material for your children in grades PK-6. This includes articles, poetry,stories, (Even animated stories for more interaction!), and comics.
  5. Smart Tutor (Grades KG-5): Smart Tutor is a website jam-packed with resources for teachers, parents, and students alike! Aimed at children in grades KG-5, Smart Tutor boasts free games, lessons, and even flashcards to keep your child not only entertained, but also educated at the same time.
  6. Fun Brain (Grades K-8): Fun Brain is a great free website for not only beginning readers, but also middle-school students. Visit their “Reading Arcade,”where your child can read books for both beginning and more advanced readers, have fun reading comics, or even try his or her hand at one of their reading-based games.
  7. Book Adventure (Grades K-8): Book Adventure is an amazing website if you want your child to read more (And really – who doesn’t want that?). Search for books based on your child’s reading level, genre preference, and subject interest, then read the book and take quizzes to earn points! Not only does this site motivate your child to read through finding his or her interests, but it also promotes reading comprehension through quizzes. The higher your child scores, the more pointes he or she receives. The best part for your child–he or she can redeem those points for prizes! The best part for you–you can track his or her progress.
  8. Read Theory (Grades 1-12): Read Theory is a website devoted to reading comprehension. I don’t know about you, but I see this as one of the single greatest challenges my English students face on a weekly basis. If you notice the same challenge with your own child, or if you would like your child to challenge his or her comprehension abilities, then look no further. The site works by having your child read a short passage and answering one question about that passage. Based on his or her skill, Read Theory will adjust the reading level accordingly and keep presenting more passages and questions. Your child can even track his or her progress, building confidence.
  9. Annenberg Learner (Grades 1-Adult): Annenberg Learner encompasses nearly all ages and nearly all subjects. However, to focus on their reading resources, there are many. Through games and activities (Interactive spelling bee, anyone?), Annenberg Learner focuses on everything from literature to poetry to writing! Do check this site out: there is something for everyone.
  10. GCF (All Ages): GCF has a little bit of everything to offer. It suits children and adults alike, focusing on English topics such as grammar, reading practice, and reading activities. One stand-out feature of this site is its attention to people who may want to learn English, or who are currently learning English as a second language. An all-inclusive site, I encourage people of every age who are looking to brush up on their English skills to explore GCF.

What do you think? Have you given any of these free reading websites a try? Have you been having success with another online program or an after-school enrichment program? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Emily Karth, Writer and Teacher at MathWizard, Inc.


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