English and Math Enrichment Programs for Kids: Real Families, Real Results—Vidya’s Family from Ohio


In 2011, Vidya’s family moved to India for two years after her husband’s passing. When they returned, Vidya’s young daughter Anisha was in kindergarten. While in India, Anisha completely stopped speaking English, and Vidya was concerned that it would negatively impact her ability to learn at school.

Vidya decided to enroll Anisha in year-long classes at MathWizard because the advanced learning system helps to challenge students to a higher academic standard. Anisha began taking MathWizard’s enrichment classes in both English and math—and she continues to excel in the program today. She loves attending each week and has been reading above her grade level for the last two years. She also has won her school’s best fluency facts award for two years in a row!

 MathWizard: A Parent’s Peace of Mind

As a single mother, Vidya feels like MathWizard’s curriculum and teachers help her ensure that her children are on the right track. “As a working, single mother I don’t always have as much time to be involved with Anisha’s school work as I would like, but I know by attending MathWizard, she is better prepared to learn at school. In fact, Anisha is always saying she already knows how to do her homework from school because she learned it first at MathWizard. That means I’m not as worried about her succeeding at school,” says Vidya.

Continuing with MathWizard in the Future

MathWizard has become a part of Vidya and Anisha’s life. “I think of MathWizard as another subject at school—it’s a constant. We’ve created a routine around the work. Anisha does the work at home by herself, but I stay close by to help if she has any difficulty,” says Vidya. As a strong proponent of MathWizard’s learning system, Vidya has recommended the program to others, and she will continue to send her daughter to weekly classes at MathWizard throughout her school years.

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Authors: Janelle Homier, Marketing and Center Assistant, and Amy Daniels, Marketing Manager, at MathWizard, Inc.

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