Author: Ashley Moore

The Importance of Comprehension Skills in Learning

What does “comprehension” mean? Comprehension goes beyond reading the text on the page – it involves finding meaning in the text and being able to summarize, reiterate, and apply what has been read. Successful reading comprehension requires text comprehension, vocabulary …
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Celebrating Diwali

What is Diwali? India’s most important holiday of the year is Diwali, which is also known as the Festival of Lights. This religious holiday is celebrated in either October or November of each year, depending on when it falls within …
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ESL Series: Tips for Navigating American Schools

Navigating American schools as a family whose primary language is not English is a challenging and stressful process; it is one that will take time and patience. Learning a second language in an unfamiliar country is not easy for a …
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