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English and Math Enrichment Programs for Kids: Real Families, Real Results—Vidya’s Family from Ohio

In 2011, Vidya’s family moved to India for two years after her husband’s passing. When they returned, Vidya’s young daughter Anisha was in kindergarten. While in India, Anisha completely stopped speaking English, and Vidya was concerned that it would negatively impact her ability to learn at school. Vidya decided to enroll Anisha in year-long classes […]

English and Math Programs For Kids: Real Families, Real Results—The Ganesh Family, Pennsylvania

When Raja Ganesh heard about MathWizard’s At Home Learning program at his temple, he thought it sounded like something that could help his son. While outstanding in math, Raja’s son Karthik wasn’t as strong in English, struggling with grammar and comprehension. Despite attending a nationally-known learning center for six months, the family was not seeing […]