English and Math Programs For Kids: Real Families, Real Results—The Ganesh Family, Pennsylvania


When Raja Ganesh heard about MathWizard’s At Home Learning program at his temple, he thought it sounded like something that could help his son. While outstanding in math, Raja’s son Karthik wasn’t as strong in English, struggling with grammar and comprehension. Despite attending a nationally-known learning center for six months, the family was not seeing the results they desired. “The other learning center just gives sheets of homework without explanations or any examples and no explanation of why the concept works. My friend recommended MathWizard and it sounded like a better option,” says Ganesh.

Seeing Results With MathWizard in School

Today, Karthik has been using MathWizard’s advanced learning program for six years and the family has seen great improvement. Starting as a B student in English, Karthik recently received a 98% in Language Arts on his latest report card. And he is performing a grade ahead in math, both in school and in MathWizard.

In fact, Raja got an email from his son’s teacher commending Karthik for his understanding of a math concept. “Apparently Karthik was using a different technique to solve a math problem that was very effective. The teacher asked him to get up in front of the class to show everyone how he did it. Despite being nervous, Karthik was able to explain it the way he learned it from MathWizard and the teacher was impressed,” says Ganesh.

 It’s like Christmas When the Monthly Educational Curriculum Arrives

The Ganesh family lives in Pennsylvania where there are no MathWizard Learning Centers, so the family is enrolled in the MathWizard At Home Learning program where curriculum in English and math is sent monthly through the mail. As Raja says, “We joke to each other when the packet comes at the end of the month and say ‘Karthik, your Christmas present is here!’ and he knows that we are talking about his MathWizard material.”

Every month when the packet arrives, the family reviews all the material especially the examples. “We open up and read the example page. Then he understands what the topic is. He takes his time completing the first couple pages of homework and then it goes much faster when he gets the concepts,” says Ganesh.

Overall, the program is easy to administer and gives the family the freedom to work on the homework when their schedule allows. As Ganesh says, “Karthik knows he can do the work whenever he wants but he has to get it done. Sometimes he does it on the weekend or picks a day that he doesn’t have as much school work. Even on vacation, he usually does it in one sitting.”

Continuing with MathWizard’s At Home Learning Program in the Future

Raja Ganesh and his wife are thrilled with the MathWizard advanced learning program. Ganesh says, “We are so grateful for MathWizard and as a huge bonus my son loves it too! It’s easy to administer and the kid doesn’t get pounded with stuff. As he grows, the levels increase but not too much. It is challenging but the right amount of difficulty. We will keep using the math and English program and will recommend it to our friends and family.”

What educational enrichment programs have helped your family? Have you seen great improvement with a learning center or other program? (To comment, click on the title above and a comment box will appear at the end of the post.)

Author: Amy Daniels, Marketing Manager at MathWizard, Inc.



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