Author: Celeste Irving

How Painting Helps a Child’s Development

A child’s playtime is an essential part of his or her development. Making painting part of that playtime, or even part of daily learning, is tremendously beneficial. Art and painting can aid in a child’s emotional, mental, social, and physical growth. 4 Developmental Benefits of Painting for Children Emotional Development It can be difficult to […]

Transformation Celebration at A Grade Ahead

On Saturday, September 10th  at the Dublin Enrichment Academy, a celebration of thanks and transformation took place. To show gratitude to the parents and community for their continued support, as well as to introduce them to A Grade Ahead (Mathwizard’s new brand) the company hosted a Family Fest – a free, fun filled event complete […]

How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready for First Grade?

Many parents who ask the question, “How do I know if my child is ready for first grade?” scour the internet for checklists and comparison sheets to ease any fear associated with their student’s transition to a full day of learning, interaction, and responsibility. Though the checklists can be helpful (and something of the sort […]

MathWizard Educational Camps: Summer Camps 2016

June and July were busy months for students attending Mathwizard’s educational camps.  Three different camps, each aligning entertainment and learning on a specific subject, gave students in grades 2-6 the opportunity to stimulate their brains and get out of their homes for a week-long adventure. Though this first round of camps has ended, a new […]

How to Help Students Transition to Middle School: Tips for Parents

Parents guide their children through many aspects of life, but helping a child transition to middle school can be particularly challenging. A student at the middle school level has to navigate a new world of organizing, socializing, and independence, in addition to all the physical changes he or she is dealing with. Parents can help […]