Month: September 2016

Recommended Reading List: 4th Grade

4th Grade – This is the year that students will focus on greater attention to fluency. They will use all the skills they have learned until now to read with greater skill and precision. Just as with 3rd grade students, 4th graders will also need to read across a variety of subgenres of fiction and […]

How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready for First Grade?

Many parents who ask the question, “How do I know if my child is ready for first grade?” scour the internet for checklists and comparison sheets to ease any fear associated with their student’s transition to a full day of learning, interaction, and responsibility. Though the checklists can be helpful (and something of the sort […]

Help! How Can I Get My Kids to Do Their Homework? Ask Emily

  Without a doubt, one of the most common questions I have been asked as an educational enrichment teacher is,“My child won’t do his homework. How can I make him?” But. Here’s the deal: I don’t really know the answer to this question! In my perfect little world, kids are all like I was. They […]

Real Stories: Ilisha & A Grade Ahead

  The owners of A Grade Ahead (formerly MathWizard) didn’t start writing math material to open their own educational enrichment business. They started writing it to help their first child excel in math. Even after it evolved into a business and branched out into English, science, and summer camps, using it to promote academic excellence […]

When Will I Ever Use Statistics in Real Life?

  Students can feel overwhelmed by all the information they receive in school from time to time.  Most often, especially with older kids, I see this manifest in the same way: a frustrated plea of “When will I ever use…?”  It can be tough to answer these questions sometimes, so we would like to introduce […]

MathWizard Is Now A Grade Ahead

On Monday, September 5th, MathWizard underwent a major transformation. Our company changed its name to A Grade Ahead and we introduced a new logo, new website at and new colors—purple and green. This exciting transformation allows our company, which is still owned and operated by Meenal and Parag Singhal, to more accurately reflect our mission—to […]

Recommended Reading List for 3rd Grade

Third grade students should be encouraged to read not only abundantly, but also diversely. Third grade is one of the most important years for young readers as they continue to develop in fluency as well as comprehension. The greater opportunities these children are given to explore more challenging books, articles, and poetry, the better their […]