Real Stories: Ilisha & A Grade Ahead

Real Stories Ilisha MathWizard A Grade Ahead


The owners of A Grade Ahead (formerly MathWizard) didn’t start writing math material to open their own educational enrichment business. They started writing it to help their first child excel in math. Even after it evolved into a business and branched out into English, science, and summer camps, using it to promote academic excellence in their own children remained a priority.

This is their daughter’s story:

MathWizard has always been a significant part of my life. Not only because my parents own the company, but also because the curriculum has benefited me so much. Starting in first grade, I did both the math and English programs and continued them throughout my elementary and middle school years until I completed the whole program, including the SAT Program.

MathWizard has helped me so much throughout the years in several ways. It has been able to give me a head start on the topics that we would learn in school as I would start learning the following year’s material in June. Especially in math classes, starting the curriculum three months early had its major perks because before the year even began, I knew the concepts and was ahead of my classmates.

In regards to English, MathWizard was always able to reinforce concepts by stressing certain topics that schools may not give enough importance. For example, grammar is a huge part of the MathWizard curriculum, starting at a young age, but schools never focused on building students’ grammar skills enough. With MathWizard’s grammar-heavy material, I have always had very strong grammar skills. I remember in my 7th grade English class, we were required to take a grammar pretest at the beginning of the year, and I was the only student in my grade to score a 100% on the test.

Because of moments like these, I know MathWizard has had a significant impact on my life, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in such an amazing program.

How do you support your child’s education? Tell us your story.

Author: Elizabeth F., Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead.

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