Recommended Reading List: 4th Grade

Recommended Reading 4th Grade4th Grade – This is the year that students will focus on greater attention to fluency. They will use all the skills they have learned until now to read with greater skill and precision. Just as with 3rd grade students, 4th graders will also need to read across a variety of subgenres of fiction and nonfiction to expose themselves to as many topics and subjects as possible. Everything that students have read or will read will be knowledge acquired for the purpose of forming opinions, making inferences, and stating facts.  

4th Grade Recommended Reading ListIt’s important for 4th grade students to read as much as they can of as widely diverse topics available to them. Students who like to focus on fiction should begin to read more nonfiction, and students who like to read only nonfiction topics should read more from fiction genres.  

A Grade Ahead’s 4th grade recommended reading for nonfiction:

A Grade Ahead’s 4th grade recommended reading for fiction:

A Grade Ahead’s 4th grade recommended reading for poetry:

  Author: Nicole Acevedo, Teacher Manager at A Grade Ahead

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  1. How do you implement this? Do you have a reward if they complete the list? Is it required or optional? I love the idea and just want to know your opinion on direction.

    1. That’s a great question! Personally, I would lean away from a strict requirement and recommend any approach that you think will make reading seem fun to your child: reading together, a family book club, a family competition, or a reward for finishing a certain number of books. When it comes to setting goals, the most important part is to not make the goals too hard – reading the whole list is going to be an overwhelming goal for many kids. Especially depending on the time given. Definitely keep the child’s current reading level and speed in mind. Even better, let the child help you set the goals and pick out which books to put on the list!

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