Why Read More?

Video Games Versus Reading?

With the demands of life, it’s hard to find time to sit down for more than 10 minutes, let alone find the time to read a book. Many of us would rather curl up on the couch with the television remote instead of a good novel. So what does this show our children? There’s no doubt that technology is great and has allowed us to do more in the past 100 years than ever imagined. It enhances every part of our world and makes life easier. But it also takes enjoyment away from simple things. Children would rather play video games than play outside, sit on the computer instead of taking on a hobby, and watch TV instead of reading. Parents can reverse this effect by taking the initiative to promote reading.

Why Read

Young children are captivated by bright colors, vivid pictures, and stories that they find humorous or relatable. This is why kids are amused with books. What’s better than a story about a strange creature tempting others to try a serving of green eggs and ham in bizarre locations? Something as simple as this creates a sense of “safe mayhem” that children appreciate and enjoy. Sure, TV may provide the same type of entertainment, but which is more beneficial? Reading engages our mental processes. Consequently, we fill in the blanks of a story with our own imaginations and create our own interpretations. So, think of reading as a way to exercise the muscles of our brains. The more we do it, the more developed we become.

Benefits of Good Reading

Reading significantly improves our vocabulary by introducing us to new terms. As children, we are taught to refer to context when we don’t know the meaning of a word. The more you read, the more you know. The greater variety of books you expose yourself to, the more you can learn about different cultures and ideas. Additionally, this is a great opportunity for children. Providing an assortment of reading materials can do even more than we expect, such as benefit students in language, concentration, wisdom, and creativity. 

Next Steps

This being said, what options are available to increase a child’s reading skills? Taking them to the library frequently, book stores, or author meet-and-greets provide them with the initiative to read frequently. But there are also options available to increase your student’s reading efficiency. There are programs that tutor students so they can become more proficient in school work. In these learning programs, English tutoring and math tutoring are offered as a supplement to school. These tutoring programs provide Math and English worksheets and practice to enhance a child’s performance in math and English. By advancing a student’s efficiency through tutoring in these subjects, their skills can only improve. If a child’s reading skills are improved, they are guaranteed to progress in all areas of their academics

Parents need to be reading advocates. We need to set an example for our children. If they see us enjoying reading more than television or other non-reading technology, they are likely to do the same. Let’s encourage our students to be avid readers by modeling good reading habits for them.


Author: Amanda Ahlstrom, Franchise Manager at A Grade Ahead

Revised by: Abby Greene, Editor and Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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