What’s New at A Grade Ahead? Winter 2018

This fall and winter have been busy as usual for A Grade Ahead enrichment academies, Enrichment at Home, and headquarters!

As students headed back to school after their summer breaks from school, A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio headed to several events to spread the word about our program and also began hosting study sessions for active students. A Grade of Des Moines hosted a math competition in December. A Grade Ahead of Parsippany and A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio invited students to fun Halloween parties. Enrichment at Home added a new feature to shipping procedures. The High School Math course was completed and added to our curriculum options. And our newest franchise in Farmington, Connecticut, is ready to open its doors.

Here are some more details about the exciting things happening at A Grade Ahead!

Central Ohio Events and Study Sessions

A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio staff members braved the cold and the crowds to spread awareness of our programs. They attended Candy by the Carload and passed out candy and trinkets to kids in the neighborhood near the Powell academy. Despite being held in October, temperatures were freezing. Luckily, the kids and families still attended and a good time was had by all. The fun moved indoors in November for the Columbus STEM & Arts Expo at Otterbein University where A Grade Ahead had a booth. Our teachers had long lines of students waiting to try our challenging math puzzles and games, and we were able to chat with many parents about their kids’ educations.

A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio also recently started offering weekly Study Sessions. Many of the franchises have offered this service in the past and now Columbus students have the option to ask questions or get help on their A Grade Ahead worksheets with an A Grade Ahead teacher.

Math Bee Conducted in Des Moines

Des Moines Math Bee A Grade AheadOn December 8th, A Grade Ahead of Des Moines conducted the annual Balavihar Math Bee at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center. The prestigious event is in its 13th year, but this is its first year being conducted by A Grade Ahead. More than 80 students took the paper tests in several categories: Kindergarten, Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Seniors, and Senior 2. The winners were announced on January 26th at the 2019 Indian Republic Day. Congratulations to all the students who participated!

Parsippany and Central Ohio Halloween Parties

Sometimes it’s fun to go to an A Grade Ahead academy without having to do any school work. Students in Parsippany, New Jersey, and Columbus, Ohio, had that opportunity as both locations hosted Halloween parties. Children dressed in costumes, played games, watched movies, and of course, ate lots of sweet treats! It’s always fun to celebrate holidays with your friends from enrichment class.

EAH Offers Tracking on Monthly Packages

A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home is now shipping monthly curriculum packets via UPS Mail Innovations. This means that although it is shipping through UPS, it still is delivered with the regular mail. A key benefit to this new service is that we are now able to send tracking numbers with each package. We hope that this new service will ensure that every EAH student receives booklets on time every month.

New Franchise in Farmington, CT Coming Soon

Farmington A Grade Ahead ConnecticutIf you live in Connecticut, you may be in luck. A Grade Ahead’s newest franchise location in Farmington is being prepped for a grand opening on January 7, 2019! This will be the third location in Connecticut, joining Manchester and Rocky Hill. Congratulations to owner Hariharan Kuppura and best of luck with the new academy.

High School Math Now Available

A Grade Ahead is now offering High School Math in a year-round format. Once a student completes Geometry, he or she will now have the opportunity to take the High School Math program that features six months of Algebra 2 followed by six months of Pre-Calculus topics. The program is currently being offered to Enrichment at Home families. If you are near an enrichment academy, check with them to see if and when High School Math classes are available.

What’s going on in your local A Grade Ahead academy? Did we miss any news?

Author: Amy Daniels, Marketing Manager, A Grade Ahead

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