What’s New at A Grade Ahead? April 2019

What do a commercial, mathematics contest, standardized tests, and robots have in common? They are all what’s new at A Grade Ahead. Over the past few months, A Grade Ahead has been busy with tons of new exciting news and opportunities for its students. If that’s not enough, A Grade Ahead’s newest location in Farmington, Connecticut, was officially opened January 7, 2019.  Check out more exciting details about what’s been happening at A Grade Ahead below.

TV Commercial

A Grade Ahead launched a TV commercial that began airing in March. It will run through May and then again August-October. The commercial gives an inside peek at our enrichment at home program and highlights our 30+ enrichment academies. Watch, and we’ll show you how joining our program challenges students and helps them develop through…

  • progressive lessons
  • challenging worksheets
  • advanced word problems
  • comprehensive curriculum 

Math Kangaroo Contest

A Grade Ahead Academies around the country hosted the Math Kangaroo Contest on March 21st. Math Kangaroo is a world-wide mathematics competition ranging from grades 1-12. Students took a multiple choice test to assess their mathematical skills. Top scorers will be recognized in May with prizes. For more information visit the Math Kangaroo website.

Preparing For Tests / Grade Readiness Month

preparing for tests grade readiness what's newA Grade Ahead just completed the Preparing for Tests/Grade Readiness Month in Central Ohio in February as our students begin preparing for standardized tests in their schools.  This month contained content that will help students study for their upcoming testing. Standardized Testing will occur between March 25th and April 26th for English language arts, and April 1st to May 10th for math, science, and social studies. Parents of our Ohio Academies can check with their schools or visit the Ohio Department of Education website to find specific dates.

Robotics Camp

Our first ever A Grade Ahead Robotics Camp: Race to the End has just been completed. The camp allowed students to learn the fundamentals of building and programming using Lego robotics. At the completion of the camp, students took the skills they have learned to build and race their robots through an obstacles course. There will be more information about the availability of the camp coming soon.

Tell us what’s going on at your local A Grade Ahead academy! Did we miss any news?

Author: Nate Baltzer, Teacher / Writer, A Grade Ahead

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