Unmasking Terrifying Halloween Trivia

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As the weather begins to chill and the days get shorter, you can also be sure that Halloween is just around the corner with its promises of jolly Jack O’Lanterns, creative costumes, and stockpiles of sweets. But how much do your children really know about the origins of Halloween and the traditions connected with it? To help you get into the spirit of the season, take some time to ask them these 13 spellbinding Halloween trivia questions!

All of our A Grade Ahead teachers seem to know some pretty cool, random facts (and are very qualified, too!), so I created a set of Halloween Trivia questions that ask about traditions and facts that are not very well known. Hopefully, your children can use these trivia questions to develop a better understanding of the holiday and have some fun! If your kids love Halloween, be sure to check out our Halloween writing prompts, scary stories, and A Grade Ahead students’ Halloween wishes!

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Get Spooky with A Grade Ahead’s Halloween Trivia

  1. The first Jack O’Lanterns were not made from pumpkins. What were they made from instead?

Answer: The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips!

  1. Which country is widely considered to be the birthplace of Halloween?

Answer: Ireland is most widely considered to be where Halloween originated.

  1. How much does the largest pumpkin ever grown weigh?

Answer: In 2016, a man named Mathias Willemijns from Belgium grew a pumpkin that weighed 2,624 pounds. That’s more than a ton!

  1. What is the medical name for the fear of Halloween?

Answer: People who have a fear of Halloween have a condition called “Samhainophobia.” (sah-win-uh-foe-bee-uh)

  1. What percent of children prefer to receive chocolate candy over non-chocolate candy or gum for trick-or-treat?

Answer: 50% of children prefer chocolate candy. That’s half!

  1. What is the current world record time for how long it took a person to carve a single pumpkin?

Answer: In 2013, Steven Clarke set the world record for the fastest time carving a single pumpkin with the time of 16.47 seconds! To meet the criteria, the pumpkin must have all of the traditional features: eyes, nose, a mouth, and ears.

  1. In what year was trick-or-treat first mentioned in print in North America?

Answer: Trick-or-treat was first mentioned in print way back in 1927! This happened in Alberta, Canada.

  1. How much money do Americans spend on Halloween?

Answer: In 2019, Americans will spend approximately $9 billion on Halloween. That’s a lot of candy!

  1. What percent of Americans dress up their pets for Halloween?

Answer: Approximately 18% of people dress up their pets for Halloween – or should I say “Howl”oween?

  1. Which American state holds the record for most Jack O’Lanterns lit at the same time?

 Answer: Keene, New Hampshire set the record for the most Jack O’Lanterns lit at the same time in 2013 with a grand total of 30,581!

  1. Which state produces the most pumpkins?

Answer: Illinois produces more pumpkins than any other state. In fact, the state produces 95% of all pumpkins grown in the United States!

  1. What is the most popular Halloween candy in the United States?

Answer: In 2019, M&M’s are what most people want to get when they say “trick-or-treat!”

  1. Speaking of trick-or-treat, what did people used to have to do to get a treat?

Answer: Before the famous phrase came about, people used to have to dance and sing to get a treat! This happened long before people began celebrating modern-day Halloween.


Bonus Halloween Trivia Riddle: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a Jack O’Lantern by its diameter?

Answer: Pumpkin π (Pumpkin pi)!

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What do you think? Did we stump you or your family with our Terrifying Halloween Trivia? Do you know any other interesting Halloween Facts? What’s your favorite part of Halloween? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Author: Emily Karth, Program Coordinator at A Grade Ahead

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