Unconventional Education: Kerbal Space Program

Here at A Grade Ahead, we’re proud to provide your child with educational enrichment that can push their skills to new heights. While our programs can help students excel, there are other fantastic sources of learning that can help kids develop useful skills hiding in places you wouldn’t expect. Unconventional education sources can be fun, exciting ways of learning that flex brain muscles and expand minds in new directions. One such source is the rocket building simulator Kerbal Space Program!

On the surface, Kerbal Space Program is a silly game about green aliens trying to reach outer space with your assistance. You administer their space program from a home base where you can build rockets, aircrafts, and rovers. Once you’re done building, it’s time to launch and steer your craft into orbit with the hope that nothing explodes! So how do these strange little guys help with the education of a child? Turns out in a big way!

The Benefits of Kerbal Space Program!

Fun With Physics

You wouldn’t expect it, but Kerbal Space Program features accurate and realistic orbital physics that allows players to practice real-life maneuvers that astronauts and scientists perform high above the Earth. In fact, the features and physics of Kerbal have been praised by NASA for their accuracy! Diving into this game allows a student to practice real-world applications of mathematics and physics while enjoying the challenge of building a successful spaceship! It’s great practice to go right alongside our math or science programs here at A Grade Ahead!

Creative Engineering

Of course, not only do you need to construct a craft that can handle the rigorous physics of orbit, but the engineering behind the construction needs to be sound. Since the entire construction is up to you, accurate engineering tactics must be employed in order to create a reliable and safe construction that will not falter upon liftoff. This kind of simulation practice is fantastic for any child who has an interest in engineering, the space program, or who just wants to flex their creative muscles! Learning the ropes of this game will help stretch a child’s brain in all kinds of helpful directions.

How to Get Started?

So, do you think your child might like to try their hand at building spacecrafts bound for the stars? You can find more information about Kerbal Space Program on their website in order to get them started. In fact, a sequel is even in the works, promising even more enriching features! Playing a game that allows your child to practice and apply the skills they learn in school and at A Grade Ahead can be an incredible source of knowledge that can “lift off” your child’s mind to new heights!

Kerbal Space Program is just another in a line of unconventional places full of learning opportunities! Have any other ideas of places where unconventional learning can be found? Let us know below! We love to support students in any number of ways on their educational journeys.


Author: Jackie Aukerman, Curriculum Writer at A Grade Ahead


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