Staff Spotlight: Meet Leslie Luna

staff spotlight leslie luna a grade ahead enrichmentReaders – we want to shine this month’s spotlight on an employee who has pretty much experienced the key roles our educational enrichment company has to offer in central Ohio: Leslie Luna. She’s done administration work, teaching, and curriculum development across our Powell, Polaris, and Dublin academies. Currently, her main roles are teaching and developing curriculum. She started teaching two years ago, and she began helping A Grade Ahead develop our curriculum about nine months ago.

After graduating from Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences, Leslie will soon begin her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy and her Ph.D. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in May of 2020.

She’s bilingual and DICE (Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement) certified, and she can even operate two different kinds of forklifts. She’s an avid lover of superheroes, checking things off her bucket list, and acquiring random information.

Keep reading to find out more about Leslie, one of our teachers and curriculum developers that helps make A Grade Ahead a wonderful choice for educational enrichment.

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What is your favorite part of working for A Grade Ahead?

I love the people that I work with and what I get to do. I get to explore new teaching methods and interact with students to make sure that they have the best educational experience possible. My positions as a Teacher and Curriculum Developer allow me to creatively express my passion for education.

What is your favorite subject in school and why?

Math and Science. I have always loved math because it is like another language that helps our everyday lives. Science has always been that most interesting subject for me because I love learning more about the way our world works.

What is the best advice for students who want to excel in school?

Learn how to fail, but more importantly, learn how to get back up. Resiliency, the attitude that you will always get back up when knocked down, will take you further in life than any other character trait. If you want to excel, you need to learn how to fail. Then, you will be humble and appreciative of yourself and of how hard you have worked. Excellence and success aren’t just defined by grades, but so many other things that define you, such as being a good, caring, hard-working person.

Also, teach yourself about delayed gratification. Many things that you can do today may not help you right now, but it will help you in the future!

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What is one teacher or educational experience that changed your life?

I used to dislike History, but my 9th grade history teacher changed that by showing me how important and interesting history is. That teacher changed my views about what teaching should be.

What historical figure do you think is a good role model for kids? Why?

Jane Bolin. She led the way for many others to follow. She is a good role model for people to realize that you can succeed, but you should always look back and help others as well.

Editor’s note: Jane Bolin (1908-2007) was the first Black female to graduate from Yale Law, and in 1939, she became the first Black female judge in the United States. Read about her other amazing achievements and contributions here or here.

What do you like to do for fun?

Escape rooms, puzzles, movies, trivia, read, play games (board, video, card, etc), listen to music, complete various things on my bucket list, and try out new things.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Why?

I would go home to Puerto Rico to visit family that I haven’t seen in a long time. Though I do want to visit every country in the world,  Brazil and Japan are next on my list.

What is your favorite holiday? Why?

Christmas because I like giving presents to people who I love, and it brings the whole family together.

What is your favorite educational or motivational quote?

“You already have everything in you that you need to succeed! You just have to know when to use it.” – Michelle Hewitt (9th grade science teacher, Akron Early College High School)

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What is your favorite book?

Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Anthony Greenwald and Mahzarin Banaji (A lot of my favorite reading materials are journal articles, psychology books, and anatomy books.)

What is your favorite children’s book?

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Can you share some fun facts about yourself?

  •       Spanish was my first language because I am full Puerto Rican. (My last name means moon!)
  •       I have a sister that lives in China.
  •       I have dissected 2 cadavers.
  •       My favorite color is blue.

We are so grateful to Leslie, and we love giving our readers a little peek into the lives of our great employees who help create a healthy, productive learning environment for your child. 

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Do you have any questions for Leslie? What else do you want to know about our A Grade Ahead staff in our next Spotlight?

 Author: Brenna Waugaman, Curriculum Development Assistant at A Grade Ahead

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