Signs Your Child is Bored in School

Signs Your Child is Bored in SchoolIt’s not unusual for children to complain every now and then that school is boring.  Typically, what they are actually telling us is they do not like the subject, or there is a specific topic being taught that they do not like. Sometimes, students are bored because they do not find the topics challenging enough or too challenging.  Whatever the reason, it is important to watch for the signs your child is bored in school.

Your Child Says He or She is Bored.

If your child comes home from school and is routinely complaining that school is boring, it is important to listen.  A survey in 2007 by Ethan Yazzie-Mintz stated that 66% of students were bored in school.  A survey in 2015 by Dr. Mark Brackett, Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, stated that by the time a child reaches high school, 75% of those surveyed spoke negatively about school, and 26% said they were bored.

So finding out the reason why your child is bored as early as possible will help you make adjustments that can improve the child’s future relationship with education.

Your Child Complains about the Teacher’s Methods.

For some kids, there may not be enough stimulation in the classroom to keep them engaged. For example, students who dislike the subject already need something extra to grab their attention. Like videos, an enthusiastic teacher, hands-on activities, etc.

To prevent real boredom, students, teachers, and parents should come up with individual strategies to extend the student’s learning.  They could ask for more difficult problems, read a book associated with the topic, or seek out other enrichment opportunities.

Your Child Doesn’t Talk About the Work at All.

As a parent, not hearing about what your child is learning in the classroom could be a strong indicator that your child could be bored. That’s one time when keeping an open dialogue with the teacher is very important.

Having good communication about how your child is performing in the classroom can give you a head’s up if there is an issue. Then, you can work with the teacher to figure out a plan to alleviate the boredom.

If your teacher says that your child is doing fine, there simply may be something more exciting for him or her to talk about. That’s why this is not a big red flag all by itself.

Your Child Has Lost Motivation.

Your child is not motivated to do his or her homework or go to school.  You hear complaints like “School isn’t fun,” “The teacher doesn’t like me,” or “I don’t have any friends.” If you check for bullying or other social issues, and there are none to be found, this could be a sign your child is bored.

If your child has never been motivated about school or homework, then, this is not really a sign of sudden boredom. If your child changed from motivated to not. Then, there’s something going on that needs investigated.

Your Child Is Displaying Disruptive Behavior.

Is your child getting in trouble for disturbing the class?  Are there abnormal behaviors occurring?

That can be a sign of a number of issues, including boredom. In fact, that’s one of the most common signs that a student is not involved in the material.

Your Child Has Trouble with Homework.

Does your child have a difficult time getting homework finished?  Does he or she have trouble turning homework in? Even though homework can be difficult for many children, if problems are consistent, this could be a sign of boredom.

Your Child Daydreams.

If your child’s teacher mentions that he or she is often distracted and seems to be daydreaming throughout the day, speak with your child and try to find out the reasons they are having trouble paying attention. The two most likely reasons are disinterest or a learning style issue.

Your Child Does Well in One Subject and not Others.

Some students may feel that a subject they are working on is “easy” while another is “hard.” If your child is frequently having trouble with homework but does well on tests, this is a sign your child is bored in school. Similarly, if a student excels in one subject but often “forgets” to turn in assignments for other classes, then there’s a pretty good chance that the child’s interest level has something to do with it.

Although boredom is not a consistent problem for all students, it does strike everyone at one time or another. Keeping an eye out for these signs can help you recognize the issue and take steps to improve the situation quickly.

How do you know when your child is bored in school?

Author: Pam Crum, Lead Teacher at A Grade Ahead.

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