Seven Suggestions to Beat the Summer Slump

While it may seem like it was only yesterday that your child was itching to be out of school for the summer, you may find that as we hit its midway point, you are being bombarded by phrases like “I’m bored!” or “There’s nothing to do!”

Never fear! A Grade Ahead has you covered with seven ideas to help you beat the summer slump. Keep reading for ways to fill the rest of you’re the season with fun, and turn those lemony complaints into lemonade!

Seven Suggestions to Beat the Summer Slump

Visit Your Local Library

Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to find new and exciting activities that we forget about the wonderful resources that have always been available to us/ Most libraries offer a variety of summer activities for children of all ages. The best part? These are free! Check to see the offerings of your local branch. It also may not be too late to join a summer reading program!

Explore the Great Outdoors

A quick Google search, or using an app like Alltrails, can give you access to nearby recreational areas that you may not have explored. You do not need to plan a multi-day camping trip in order to experience the beauty of nature. You may find that you can be fulfilled by what is right outside your back door! Of course, please plan accordingly: be sure to use sunscreen and bug spray, and always check the weather to make sure you stay adequately hydrated!

Enjoy Local Memberships

Check your area for popular attractions, and explore membership options if they interest you. Perhaps you have a zoo, museum, or science center nearby. Research membership options; often, child memberships come at a greatly reduced price, and you may find that a discount is given for those who live in the surrounding area. Most times, these memberships pay for themselves in 2-3 visits! Another great perk? Most memberships last for a full year, so you would be investing in entertainment well beyond the summer months.

Don’t be Afraid to Get “Old Fashioned”

One of my favorite memories from childhood is selling lemonade. Why not have your children set up a good old fashioned lemonade stand and practice their entrepreneurial skills? This is a great outdoor activity that helps with social skills and money management, but it feels like fun!

(Allow Your Child to) Get Creative

Ask your child what they would like to do, and let them run the show! Of course, you need to do this within whatever limits your schedule and lifestyle allow at the time. This could be something like rainy day fun; maybe your child would decide to build a fort in the living room and watch movies. On another day, it may look like letting them complete a craft or science experiment with materials purchased from the dollar store. Maybe they want to try out a new age-appropriate recipe! Whatever this is, you can be sure your child will be having fun “being the boss,” fostering new skill or hobby, and getting some encouragement from you!

Sign up For Summer Camp

It may be possible that some programs around you may still be offering summer camps that have spots available. At A Grade Ahead, we offer several enrichment camps that are both educational and fun for a variety of ages!

Even if you cannot find a spot for your child, oftentimes there are waitlists available, or you can get a head start on researching options for next summer!

Get a Head Start

With summer halfway over, you may be starting to think of the school year ahead. Research enrichment academies in your area, and consider getting your child assessed. You may want to sign them up for math or English enrichment classes, which will keep their brain active and ready to launch into their new grade in the fall. Call or visit your local A Grade Ahead to get more information on how this sort of education may be beneficial for your child!

We’ve given you seven suggestions on how to beat the summer slump, but how does your family beat the summer slump? Have you tried any of these suggestions? What else works for you? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


Author: Emily Karth, Curriculum Manager at A Grade Ahead


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