Real-World Skills: Compare and Contrast Using Books and Films

With summer fast approaching, keeping kids engaged with learning can become a difficult task. Summer is for relaxing and having fun. One enrichment activity you might consider for your child is reading a book and then watching its film version. This can be a delightful yet educational way to engage a young mind and form lasting family memories. Numerous children’s and young adult novels have been adapted into films, providing a multitude of unique and entertaining ways to get kids interested in reading and English!


In upcoming blogs, I will be doing a Book vs. Movie Series, diving deeper into the choices available to you and your child. Here is how you can prepare to join me in the fun:

Read the Book First
  • Read the book together and encourage your child to ask questions, make predictions, and discuss their favorite parts. You can also create a reading nook together, whether it be a blanket fort or something else. Use your imagination – that’s what makes it fun!
Compare and Contrast
  • After reading the book, watch the film adaptation. Talk about whether your child enjoyed the book or the movie better, and why. Discuss the similarities and differences between the two, which will encourage critical thinking, comprehension, and allow your child to express their own opinions.
Explore the Setting and Plot
  • Every book creates a unique setting and plot. Before reading or watching, ask your child to pay attention to the world and the events that occur. Afterwards, have your child describe their favorite aspects of the setting and plot. This is an opportunity to practice visualization.
Create a Poster or a New Book Cover
  • Get creative! Have your child design a new book cover for the book or a new movie poster for the film. They can paint, draw, or create via any other method they choose. Display the artwork, or get the whole family involved and present your creations to each other!

Combining books with film is just one great way to encourage reading and spark a child’s imagination, creating learning opportunities and great fun along the way.

What Next?

Looking for more? A Grade Ahead’s English curriculum incorporates all of the elements needed to help strengthen your child’s comprehension and writing skills. Take a free assessment today or explore the possibility of participating in one of our enrichment camps, such as Time Traveler Tales or Writer’s Workshop!

So, has your child ever read the book and watched the movie? What is their favorite book and film combo? Are there others they would be interested in seeing or having me write about? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


Author: Pamela Crum, Lead Teacher at A Grade Ahead, Inc.


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