Real Stories: Aman Patel’s Essay about MathWizard

When Aman Patel was five years old, he began his journey through MathWizard. When he was enrolled in the program, there were no centers near him, so he joined the At Home Learning Program. The At Home Learning Program sends a month’s worth of material to students who do not have a learning center near them to complete in that particular month. Now, Aman Patel is a 16-year-old, former MathWizard student, who is approaching his senior year. A few weeks ago, the owner of his local MathWizard center in Edison, New Jersey asked him to write about his story at MathWizard when Aman’s father went to register his younger cousins in the program because of their previously positive experience. Here is Aman’s incredibly inspiring story.  


  When I sat in my 4th grade class and my teacher proclaimed that I was the only student to earn a perfect 100 on a math test, I had MathWizard to thank.  When I sat in the school cafeteria during my 8th grade awards ceremony and received the Top Student in English award, I had MathWizard to thank.  When I sat in my room to check my SAT scores and found that I had scored in the 99th percentile, I had MathWizard to thank.  In all of these situations, the knowledge I attained from MathWizard had unequivocally transformed my academic career in elementary school, middle school, and even high school for the better.  This knowledge never left my mind.  Whenever I needed it the most, no matter the instance or how old I was, it was always there.  Studying with the MathWizard program helped me build a strong foundation that I would continue to build on, even to this very day.  With this said, my journey with MathWizard has allowed me to reach heights I never thought were possible–and it all began before I even knew how to walk, let alone talk.

My family places an exceptional emphasis on education.  My parents have famously told me that people can take away your money, your house, your cars, and virtually anything you own or love.  However, the one thing that will always stay with you is education.  I took these words to heart, and they made sure that if I were to take an airplane and land in an unfamiliar country, I would have the education necessary to survive and earn a living.  With this said, education was always thrust upon me at a young age.  When I was just an unintelligible infant, my older cousin had used MathWizard.  His parents were always raving about this educational service to my parents.  As time went on, my parents soon realized that MathWizard was the one and only place to go for academic supplemental material.

When my dad first started me on MathWizard, there was not even a center in my state.  The packets had to be mailed to our house all the way from Dublin, Ohio.  Each package had thirty indexes in them, and that was what I lived off.  I soon became addicted, and it was this addiction that motivated me to complete more and more of them each day.  I set a record on Tuesday of completing six indexes in one day, but that record was smashed by Wednesday.  My dedication to completing more and more indexes began to translate to my performance in school.  My grades soon increased at such a fast pace that it made my dad’s head spin in confusion.  It was obvious that the improved grades were a direct result of the remarkable quality of the material MathWizard offered.  The success of MathWizard is evident in my story, but I will continue to pass the torch.  Just recently, my little cousins signed up for the service, and luckily, they have a phenomenal center to go to.  Like my older cousin had set the stage and recommended MathWizard for me, I had done the same for my younger cousins.  The torch has already been passed, and it has done so much good for both my cousins and myself.

I still remember using tricks and tips that I learned from MathWizard on tests in high school.  As I was taking the SAT, I even remembered MathWizard as I was solving math problems and bubbling answers.  Aside from teaching academic concepts, completing the MathWizard program has honed my time management and organization skills.  It even instilled great qualities in me, like perseverance and confidence.  I have nothing but good things to say about MathWizard.  It has helped me in so many different ways, and not utilizing this program to the full extent is committing a major disservice to children all across this country.

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