Real People, Real Stories: Meet Abhishek More

abhishek more a grade ahead real storiesHere at A Grade Ahead, we like to celebrate success, and one success story that sticks out is that of Abhishek More. This bright young man went from A Grade Ahead student, to A Grade Ahead employee, and now he is headed off on his next great adventure to Texas A&M University. We took some time to ask Abhishek some questions that shed some light on this journey, as well as to help you get to know him a little better, as part of A Grade Ahead’s Real Stories series.

Real Stories: Abhishek’s Journey from Student to Grader

Abhishek, you have a lot to be proud of, but if you had to pick, what achievement stands out the most to you?

I’m most proud of receiving the Brockman Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship, to Texas A&M University.

That’s amazing! Congratulations. What do you plan to study while at university?

I plan to study computer engineering.

That’s a great field. Do you have any long-term plans for after receiving your degree?

In the future, I would like to work for a Fortune 500 Company.

You clearly have a lot of great goals set for yourself, and you will certainly be busy. So tell us what you like to do when you find spare time to unwind.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the violin and shooting hoops with my friends.

That sounds fun! Now let’s take a trip back in time. You actually used to be a student at A Grade Ahead! When did you start, and what classes did you take?

I started classes with A Grade Ahead in fifth grade, and I took math classes that were a year above my school grade.

That’s great! Do you think A Grade was helpful? Did you like your teachers?

Taking math classes at A Grade Ahead really strengthened my understanding of basic math. I noticed that A Grade Ahead classes spent more time covering each individual topic than my school math classes. Because of A Grade Ahead, I was able to succeed in higher-level classes that required a solid foundation of mathematics. And my teachers helped me understand each concept fully before moving on to the next.

It sounds like you had a great experience. What would you say the number one benefit of A Grade Ahead is?

A Grade Ahead offers more individual help than regular schools and makes sure that no students are left behind.

That is encouraging! And you liked A Grade Ahead so much that you actually began working here. Can you tell us about that experience?

As a grader, I would grade students’ papers and mark the concepts that required more attention, if any. My responsibilities included the actual grading, responding to any work-related emails, and coming to staff meetings. I did this for 3 years.

Did you find your work experience beneficial?

Getting work experience from A Grade Ahead has made me into a more professional person. Additionally, it improved my overall sense of responsibility.

To wrap up, what are your favorite moments you can recall from your time at A Grade Ahead – both as a student and a grader?

My favorite moments at A Grade Ahead are when I hear a teacher and a student conversing before or after classes like they are friends.

Thank you for sharing with us for the Real Stories series, Abhishek! We wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

We are so thankful to have had Abhishek as both a student and an employee and feature his success in this installment of our Real Stories series! What do you think about Abhishek’s journey? Do you have a similar one? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Emily Karth, Program Coordinator at A Grade Ahead

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