How Long Do Students Stay with A Grade Ahead?

Unlike regular school teachers, many A Grade Ahead teachers have the opportunity to teach the same students in multiple grades. In fact, it’s not uncommon for teachers to have the same students for 2 or 3 years in a row, which can be great for developing a good rapport and encouraging progress. At the same time, seeing those students grow can also make us very curious to know: how long do students stay with A Grade Ahead?

A Grade Ahead Student Enrollment & Retention: An Infographic

How Long Do Students Stay with A Grade Ahead? student enrollment & retention infographic

How Long Do Students Stay?

First, I looked at the numbers for all our students (even PK students who couldn’t have been in for a year yet):

  • Over 96% of students have been enrolled 1 year or longer
  • Over 65% of students have been enrolled 2 years or more
  • Over 46% of students have been enrolled 3 years or more

Then, I started to think about grades.

We offer regular classes from Pre-Kindergarten up to Geometry and High School English. So if I say that a student has been with us for 2 years, is that a Kindergarten student or a Geometry student? One’s a lot more impressive than the other, right?

Here’s the type of data I saw when I broke enrollment down into grade ranges:

  • Over 40% of 3rd through 11th graders have been enrolled for 4 years or more
  • Over 55% of 6th through 11th graders have been enrolled for 4 years or more

I was really excited to see how many third graders had been here 4 or 5 years. That means that they started in PK or Kindergarten and stayed!

Which led me to the next question.

How Many Started Early?

  • Over 45% of all students started in 1st grade or sooner
  • Over 52% of students enrolled in both math and English started in 1st grade or sooner

My favorite part of that last percentage is that many or our students started in only 1 program and added the other 1 later. To me, that’s the best sign of approval a teacher or program could get!

What’s the Longest a Student’s Been Enrolled?

Of all the students who are currently enrolled, the current record for longest enrollment is (drum roll, please)…

11 years

Wow. That’s great!

As a teacher, seeing proof of the dedication and determination our students and their parents have for learning is really exciting. Not only is it rewarding (it makes me feel like we’re really doing something right – showing those kids how much they can learn if they put their minds to it) but it also makes me want to try even harder and reach even more students!

How long have your students been with us? We’d love to hear your story!

Author: Elizabeth F., Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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