Independence Day Quiz: Do You Know Your History?

The 4th of July is a very important date in our nation’s history, and it is fun to celebrate with a day of backyard barbecues and outdoor activities. However, Independence Day is about much more than fireworks and food! How much do you know about this date and the important details surrounding it?

Take Our U.S. Independence Day Quiz to find out!

You can take the quiz online, print it out (Printable Independence Day Quiz), or take it below and open the pdf to check your answers.

 1. The document written to declare freedom from British rule and adopted on July 4th was called

a. The Independence Document
b. The Declaration of Freedom
c. The Constitution
d. The Declaration of Independence

2. How many colonies had representatives that signed the document from question 1?

a. 13 colonies
b. 50 colonies
c. 12 colonies
d. 8 colonies

3. Who wrote the majority of the document from question 1?

a. John Adams
b. George Washington
c. Thomas Jefferson
d. John Hancock

4. The Continental Congress actually voted to become independent on which day?

a. August 20th, 1776
b. July 4th, 1775
c. July 3rd, 1771
d. July 2nd , 1776

5. The colonists wanted independence from Great Britain for what reason(s)? (Choose all that apply)

a. They felt they were being unfairly taxed.
b. Great Britain was too far away to rule them.
c. They had no representation (right to vote) on British law.
d. The British took all their tea.

6. Choose the state that was NOT part of the original 13 colonies.

a. Massachusetts
b. Alabama
c. North Carolina
d. Georgia

7. The war against Great Britain (1765-1783), during which the United States gained its Independence is known as….

a. The Great War
b. The Civil War
c. The American Revolt
d. The American Revolutionary War

8. Who was the British King in 1776 when we declared Independence?

a. King Henry III
b. King George III
c. King Charles VIII
d. King William

9. The document from question 1 was actually…

a. A poem about freedom
b. Part of a book Thomas Jefferson wrote
c. A letter to the British King
d. A transcript of Abraham Lincoln’s speech

10. How many men were chosen to contribute to writing the document from question 1?

a. Five men
b. Two men
c. One man
d. Three men

How did you do on the quiz? If you got 8-10 right you are an Independence Day Expert! If you got 5-7 right, you’re doing okay, but might need to brush up on your history. Any less than 5 and it’s time to hit the books again!

Do you know any interesting facts about the Fourth of July? Give us a shout in the comments if so!

Author: Elisa Travalio, Editor, Teacher and Blog Writer at A Grade Ahead


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