A Grade Ahead’s Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Our Teacher and Admin, Johnny Taylor

Johnny is an administrator and teacher who attended Xavier University for three years and completed his Bachelors of Science in Education at Otterbein University. He is a valuable member of the A Grade Ahead team who wears many hats for the company. In fact, Johnny has participated or helped in just about every aspect of the company. So if there is something going on here at A Grade Ahead, Johnny has probably been involved. He is highly appreciated and respected by his students as well as co-workers.

We sat down with Johnny and asked him a few questions so that you all could get to know him a little better. Enjoy!

What is your favorite part of working for A Grade Ahead?

I like all aspects of A Grade Ahead. All of the people are excellent to work with, and everyone is always willing to help each other if they have questions.

Coming from a teaching background, I really like the small classroom setting. It helps me get to know my students much better and know what areas that they need help with. I am also a fan of being able to teach what the students need to know academically, rather than just how to answer a test question.

What would you like to do most in the future? (Either professionally or personally)

Because A Grade Ahead has been such as great experience for me and seeing how it has impacted some of the students, I would like to do more with the company. I would actually like to one day open my own AGA Franchise and help more students try to do better in school.

What is your favorite subject in school and why?

My favorite subject in school is math. I am one of those people that math has always been easy for. I like that in math there is really only one answer, but there isn’t always a necessary right way to solve the problem.  One way might be easier for one person, but another way might be easier for a different person. In the end you still get the same answer.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to read and watch TV for fun. It’s nice when I can just take a break and dive into another world and just forget about everything that is going on. It is just a great way to relax.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Why?

I really want to go to London and see the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. I always try and watch the tournaments when they are on. My favorite player is Serena Williams, and I would love to be able to watch her play there live.

What is the best advice for students who want to excel in school?

Make mistakes. You will be okay. You will always learn more from your mistakes than you will from success. Being perfect is too hard and honestly impossible to achieve.

Now that is not to say don’t do your best, but if you do make some errors, it is not the end of the world. Just learn from it, and next time, you will know what not to do in order to be better prepared.

What is your favorite educational or motivational quote?

A quote that I have always been fond of is “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Have any other questions that you would like us to add for our next staff interview?

Author: Nate Baltzer, Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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