Four Reasons to Start Classes in June

Why to Start Classes in June

Summer is when you go on vacation and leave school behind, right? So why does A Grade Ahead start classes in June?

Why Start Classes in June?

Yes, our school year starts in June. And, yes, that is when summer vacation starts for many public schools. Once you hear why, though, we think you’ll agree that summer enrichment is the way to go.

12 Months of Curriculum

We have 12 full months of curriculum (classes and homework). That means we can’t take a 2-month summer break without leaving topics out or not giving a topic the time students need to learn it.

Skipping or skimming topics isn’t a great learning strategy (IOHO). That’s why we’ve kept the full 12 months of material, which means no long breaks for us. At most, our academies get 1 week of break before the new year starts. They do, however, get full practice of all the topics.

More Likely to See Topics Here First

In each grade, we cover the same topics covered in most schools. That said, nothing requires two schools or even two teachers to cover those topics in exactly the same order.

By starting in June, we get through about 3 months of material before the standard school year starts. We can’t guarantee that we’ll cover every subject first for every child, but that certainly increases the chances!

Gain Confidence & Be Better Prepared

Why do we want students to see topics with us before seeing them in school? Because it increases student confidence and understanding – before their work affects their grades.

Frankly, many subjects aren’t learned in one lesson. In most cases, the more experience with a topic a child has, the better that child will understand the topic. So if students see a topic with us before school starts, they’ll be better prepared for that topic than students who haven’t seen it before.

Keep Sharp & Beat Brain Drain

Without a regular schedule or educational practice, students often lose ground in the summer. And while having a break is important, we’d hate for students to forget skills that they worked so hard to learn (Every teacher in September with returning students: “You knew this last May! What happened?!”).

Our weekly classes and homework are still less work compared to regular schoolwork, so students do get a break as far as intensity. At the same time, however, our classes and assignments provide just enough practice to maintain or even increase a child’s progress.

What do you like best about starting classes in June?

Elizabeth F., Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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