How to Fight Spring Fever & Keep Kids Engaged

How to Fight Spring Fever & Keep Kids EngagedSpring has officially started and I, like most people, am not looking back.  Spring brings sunshine, flowers, and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, spring also brings unfocused and distracted students. Don’t worry – Spring Fever can be cured. Use these tips for parents to help children fight spring fever and keep kids engaged!

Fight Spring Fever with These 6 Tips!

Keep it Positive

Students thrive off the behavior of others. The first step to help children fight spring fever is to fight off your own spring fever. Another school year is winding down, and you may be looking forward to summer break just as much as the kids. No more late night projects, after school activities, etc.

As excited as you may be, keeping a positive and enthusiastic attitude about the last couple months of the semester is necessary and will rub off on your student or students. Reward positive behavior with a break or a fun activity outside. Encourage students to be excited about finishing another school year on a high note!

Stay Engaged and Organized

Parents staying engaged with their kid’s studies is extremely beneficial, even though it is sometimes referred to as nagging by the child. In all seriousness, it is very important to keep up with students’ progress.  Possibly an even closer eye than usual at the end of the school year.

Remind students that school is a top priority.  Keep a calendar of assignments, tests, projects, and extracurricular actives. Schedules help tremendously with keeping organized. If a child has a busy week ahead, he or she may need help to stay on top of all the activities. If he or she has a lighter week, you may want to encourage the student to get ahead for an upcoming busy week.

After each task is accomplished, have the kids cross it off. This gives children a sense of achievement.  Students will be eager to cross off completed assignments. This will encourage kids to stay ahead, or at the very least keep up.

Ask About the Child’s Day

Another way to stay engaged that may not seem important is asking children about what topics were discussed at school today. Why these topics are important? What was his or her favorite activity?

All of these questions can go a long way. It is a constant reminder to the child that a parent cares and is interested.

Create a Routine

With the new season comes plenty of new activities. Get children excited again by starting a new activity and creating a new routine.  Make sure the routine consists of the necessities such as homework time and bedtime, but supplement the normal routine with a new activity. It can be joining a new program, or even setting aside time to read each day.

A new routine will keep kids committed to all of the daily tasks. It will also remind them the school year is not over yet.

Get Some Fresh Air

In order to fight spring fever, students do not have to avoid all the good that comes with spring. Kids have been stuck inside all winter: let them get outside and soak up the sun. Encourage kids to take breaks and get outside. Allow kids to go for a walk, play with friends, or run around to get some energy out. Breaks allow them to take their minds off school and come back stress free and more focused.

Want the best of both worlds? Encourage students to find a comfortable and relaxing spot to do homework, work on assignments outside, or partake in outdoor activities and projects. This will keep kids engaged in their school work without neglecting the beauty of spring.

Recognize How Far They Have Come

As the final day before summer break comes closer and closer, an easy way to keep kids engaged is to remind them of how far they have come throughout the school year. Discuss all the difficult concepts and achievements the students have attained. Remind kids how much they have learned and progressed academically and challenge them to go even farther.

This will remind children the benefits of hard work and prove that hard work does pay off.  It will encourage kids to continue to put in effort and keep developing in the classroom. Kids will be reminded of the rewards that come with the time and energy they put in.

These tips will be the treatment needed to cure this disease that spreads to almost all students this time of year – spring fever. It will keep kids engaged and provide them with a successful last few months. How much better would the student feel knowing they put in a great effort till the last day?

Author: Nate Baltzer, Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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