Favorite Educational Quotes from MathWizard Blog Writers

Why do MathWizard’s writers like quotes so much? Who knows? Maybe, it’s because we write all the time. Maybe, it’s a teacher thing. Maybe, there’s something in the water. Whatever the reason, we all have our favorite educational quotes. Here are our top 8: one from each writer.

 1. Amy’s Favorite: A Quote for Teachers by Glennon Doyle Melton

Favorite Educational Quotes "Teach on, warriors. You are the first responders. The front line. The disconnection detectives. What you do in those classrooms when no one is watching--it's our best hope." -Glennon Doyle Melton

I am not an educator, but I have a huge amount of respect for teachers. When I saw this quote on my favorite blog Momastery, it rang true for me. Teachers are responsible for much more than imparting knowledge. They are shaping our future

2. Nicole’s Favorite Educational Quote: Learning and Understanding

Favorite Educational Quotes “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something” Thomas Huxley Quote

You need to step out of your bubble every once in a while. When you learn something new, you have an opportunity to expand your mind and your abilities. You don’t have to learn everything there is to know about everything, you just have to be willing to understand the limits of what you’ve learned.

3. Universally Useful Advice: Emily’s Favorite Educational Quote

Favorite Educational Quotes "Don't write yourself into a corner." -- Maureen Fry Wittenberg University Quote
Maureen Fry is the former Director of the Writing Center at Wittenberg University.

I like this quote because although it may seem like it is only related to writing, it actually applies to all sorts of situations! It basically means not to let your writing (or any idea) get so complex that you become unsure of how to express it or how to make it “correct.” When in doubt, simplify! Take a different route and state what you know without worrying about the fluffy stuff.

4. Celeste’s Favorite Educational Quote by Albert Einstein

Favorite Educational Quotes by Albert Einstein "The important thing is not to stop questioning."

I believe there is so much more to life than what we are handed outright. Albert Einstein’s quote reminds me to always dig a little deeper, and a little deeper still, because what lies beneath are even more questions in need of answering (and even more in need of asking.)

5. Victoria’s Favorite Educational Quote: The Highest Result of Education

Favorite Educational Quotes "The highest result of education is tolerance." by Helen Keller

Attending college drastically changed my opinions on many things.  I was exposed to ideas and kinds of people I may never have met otherwise.  I truly believe that the more one learns about the world, the harder it is to discriminate against others.  Therefore, education is the only hope we have for the future.

6. Judging Ability: Janelle’s Favorite Educational Quote*

Favorite Educational Quotes "Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid." not by Albert Einstein

This quote really resonates with me because I believe that everyone has his or her own strengths. That’s the beauty of the individual – we each have unique characteristics and talents. I think one of the greatest things a parent or educator can do for a child is to help a child find his or her strengths and to help nurture those strengths. That child will then have the confidence and support to pursue his or her passions!

*Some of you may have seen this quote accredited to Albert Einstein, but there is no evidence that he actually said it (see Quote Investigator for more information).

7. Breaking the Rules: Becky’s Favorite Educational Quote by Pablo Picasso

Favorite Educational Quotes by Pablo Picasso "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

When I teach, I often hear, “Why do we have to learn this?” and I always go back to this quote. You have to know the “rules” to break them, and it’s important to break traditional ways of thinking in order to think creatively and problem solve– the greatest artists, scientists, and leaders of history have done this. A solid foundation of knowledge gives a child unlimited possibilities for the future.

 As an educator, I’m in a special position– I am giving students the knowledge and skills set that they will need to use for the rest of their lives. I’m laying out the foundation for them so that they can build and grow from there. Without this foundation, it’s almost impossible to build or grow. It’s amazing, really– I’m giving them the tools they will need one day in their adult lives. I can only imagine what my students will do with these skills in the future. I can’t wait to see how they “break the rules”– with proper knowledge, they will shine in whatever they do!

8. Beth’s Favorite Educational Quote: Open a Book

Favorite educational quotes "You cannot open a book without learning something." Confucius

If you want to help your children get ahead, teach them to love reading from an early age. Reading broadens the mind, teaches empathy, improves vocabulary and writing, and educates the reader on too many subjects to possibly name. It teaches us to think. It teaches us to pay attention and infer. Even reading 1 hour a day can help students improve their grades (see more statistics on reading). And you know the best part? It’s fun! They don’t have to read dry tomes. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery – regular reading books work just as well, and if you enjoy what you read, it doesn’t feel like homework. Add that to all that it teaches, and reading may be the most powerful learning tool there is. And that’s why I like this quote.

 Well, that’s it. The 8th and last of MathWizard’s blog writers’ favorite educational quotes. What do you think? What’s your favorite educational quote?

 Author: Elizabeth F., Writer and Teacher at MathWizard, Inc.

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