What’s Happening at A Grade Ahead?

Exciting things are happening with A Grade Ahead’s classes and curriculum! Here are a few of the many things we are working on now.

The Blog Returns!

A Grade Ahead is relaunching our blog. Please stay tuned for posts on everything from help finding college scholarships to strategies for encouraging kids to succeed at school. Our blog will keep you informed about the latest educational standards and concepts as well as provide proven tips for student academic success.

Our Blended Math and English Curriculum Goes Nationwide:

All A Grade Ahead franchises throughout the United States have now adopted the blended curriculum format the Central Ohio location began last year. This blended curriculum provides a monthly booklet with four weekly lessons. Each week, teachers explain the material to small classes. Then, students go online to complete problems that practice the specific skills covered in the lesson. The online math and English homework is broken down into specific activities designed to make learning interactive and fun, as well as to help students master the concepts. As of 2022, 2nd grade through Algebra I in math, and 2nd grade through 7th Grade in English are part of this blended curriculum.

Abridged Curriculum for Geo and 8th Grade English:

A Grade Ahead is also hard at work preparing abridged curriculums for Geometry and 8th Grade English. These abridged curriculums will allow students to successfully master the concepts over the course of a few months rather than an entire year. These curriculums are perfect for students hoping to get ahead over the summer months.

Enrichment At Home Students Join Central Ohio Academy Students in Virtual Classes:

We are pleased to announce that students in the Enrichment at Home (EAH) program are now joining Zoom classes with the Central Ohio area students. This new opportunity will allow them to fully participate in all that A Grade Ahead classes have to offer, including working with a knowledgeable teacher and interacting with their peers. We are enjoying getting to know them and welcome them to our classes! If you would like to know more about our Enrichment at Home Program, go to our EAH webpage.

A Grade Ahead Classes and CurriculumIn-Person Classes Resume in Powell, OH:

A Grade Ahead is delighted to announce that in-person classes have resumed at our Powell, Ohio, headquarters. Now, Central Ohio parents and students have a choice of whether to attend online classes through Zoom or in-person. If you are interested in joining an in-person class, please call our office.

Private Classes Being Offered Soon:

A Grade Ahead has begun offering private online and in-person classes to students in Central Ohio and the Enrichment at Home program who need extra help with math and English homework. These classes are available for students in Pre-K through high school. Keep checking our website for more information!

Our Biggest Summer Camp Experience Ever!

Each summer, A Grade Ahead offers enrichment camps at Central Ohio area schools, including the Columbus Academy and the Wellington School. This summer, we have 5 weeks of summer camps for rising 1st through 5th graders—the most we have ever had! Our Eco-explorers are studying the various biomes on the planet Earth in order to understand our ecosystem better. The two-part MathVenture and MathVenture Junior programs take campers on a journey to help Matt the Magician become a Mathematician. In part one, campers and Matt must complete math tasks on an island to get to a math competition. In part two, the campers help Matt compete by demonstrating what they have learned! We are so excited to have so many campers joining us on these adventures.

Creative Writing Contest:

In June, A Grade Ahead sponsored a creative writing competition that challenged our students nationwide to write short stories. This was a fun way to help students practice their writing skills. Winners were announced in the previous blog post. Check it out if you want to read the incredible submissions!

A Grade Ahead is Growing!

In 2022, we added three new franchises to the A Grade Ahead family. New academies opened in North Austin, Texas; Strongsville, Ohio; and Hopkinton, Massachusetts! All of these new academies offer classes using the A Grade Ahead blended curriculum and our commitment to excellence in teaching. Please join us in welcoming them on board! For more about our franchises, see our locations.


Author: Susanna Robbins, Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead


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