Computer-based Tests: The Future of Standardized Testing

Are your student’s standardized tests online? Are they going to be? Why are computer-based tests becoming so popular anyway?

The Future of Standardized Testing

For those of you who aren’t in the mood to watch the video, let me give you a quick summary:

  • 48 out of 50 states have computer-based testing
  • Many states are eliminating paper-and-pencil tests
  • Online testing is almost certainly the future of standardized testing.

At the moment, some of those 48 states have both computer-based testing and paper-and-pencil tests, but according to their Department of Education websites (There’s one for each state!), many of them are working to allow paper-and-pencil tests only in special cases where a student is unable to take the test on the computer.

Why Use Computer-based Tests?

So what is the advantage? Why are so many states moving to computer-based assessments?

  • Computer adaptive technology allows schools to get a more accurate understanding of each student’s level. It shows each student different questions based on whether the previous answer was correct or incorrect.
    • The student’s level can be found with a shorter test.
    • Adaptive questions make it harder for students to cheat.
  • Faster scores: once systems are in place, scores can be available immediately, much faster than sending the tests out to be scored and returned.
  • Scoring breakdowns automatically indicate areas where each student needs more practice.
  • Additionally, schools and parents can still be compare and analyze scores on a national level when multiple states utilize the same testing system.
  • Students gain experience with technology, which is necessary for both college and most jobs.

Have your students taken any student assessments online? What did you think?

Author: Elizabeth F., Writer and Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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