I Can’t Find a Local Tutor! What Do I Do?

The idea of finding a local tutor for your child can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to look or what to look for. When looking for a local tutor, working around a busy family’s schedule and finding a tutor within a reasonable distance for a reasonable price are necessities. In addition to these, making sure your child will receive quality instruction in an environment that facilitates their learning is a top priority, but hardest to be sure of. If you’ve found yourself, or currently are, muttering the phrase, “I can’t find a tutor!” the following is for you!

Many people think if their child is struggling in a school subject, they need to find their child a tutor. Contrary to mainstream thought, tutoring is not always the best option. Enrichment academies, like A Grade Ahead, are options that are more valuable academically and monetarily than private tutoring.

I Can’t Find a Local Tutor! What Do I Do?

Why Enrichment Academies?

  • Small Group Sizes
    • Small class sizes allow for personalized and individual attention that you would find if trying to find a private tutor, but your child will now be able to collaborate and learn from other students that support each other.
    • Your child can learn from the questions asked by peers. Peers may have questions your child did not think of that will enrich their understanding.
  • Save Money
    • Parents want their children to work with experienced tutors, but the more experience a tutor has, the more he or she will charge. At A Grade Ahead, all of the teachers are experienced, but the price is only approximately $25 per week- this is often considered a great price just for one hour with a private tutor!
  • Qualified Teachers and Advanced Curriculum
    • When trying to find a tutor near you, it can be hard to know the tutor is qualified if you don’t know the subject well yourself. When sending your child to an enrichment academy, you can rest assured that the teachers’ knowledge and experience have been checked by the academy itself.
    • At enrichment centers like A Grade Ahead, the curriculum aligned with Common Core and is developed to reinforce foundational concepts while fostering critical thinking. The curriculum encourages students to perform at levels higher than their corresponding grade level.
  • Higher Academic Standards
    • Most private tutors focus on strengthening concepts taught, but enrichment academies like A Grade Ahead goes past this in their curriculum. The goal is to still strengthen the foundational knowledge, as well as grow on and enhance foundational knowledge.

The next time you find yourself questioning if your child needs a tutor or if your wondering how to find a tutor, consider an enrichment academy like A Grade Ahead that offers many of the same or more benefits to your children.

What academic area could your child benefit from by attending an enrichment center?

Author: Sarah B., Teacher and Writer at A Grade Ahead

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