Amazing Happenings at A Grade Ahead HQ: Summer 2024!

The A Grade Ahead team is never content with the status quo. We are constantly updating and enhancing the learning experiences of our students. Each June, we celebrate our successes and look forward to new opportunities and challenges in the coming year. Here are just a few of the exciting things happening at A Grade Ahead Headquarters and A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio!

A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio Finished the 2023-2024 Year Strong

In 2023-2024, A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio saw an increase in enrollment for in-person classes, which are held at our Powell, Ohio location. At the same time, more of A Grade Ahead’s Enrichment at Home students enrolled in virtual classes with our excellent Central Ohio teachers. A Grade Ahead’s private tutors also worked with more students this year. If you are interested in in-person classes, Enrichment At Home virtual classes, or private tutoring, please contact the A Grade Ahead main office, or take a free assessment today!

Traveling Out of the Country? Try a Summer Morning Study Session

This June, as a trial, A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio will offer morning study sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to A Grade Ahead students traveling out of the country. These sessions will be held virtually. In each 50-minute session, our incredible teachers will offer instruction and set aside time for questions. Separate study sessions will cover 3 grades of material in either math or English. For more information, contact our main office.

In the Classroom

A Grade Ahead’s teaching team is always looking for ways to improve students’ learning experiences! Some of the things they added to the classroom this year include additional tools such as digital base ten blocks, virtual adjustable clocks for telling elapsed time, adjustable rulers and protractors, and more.

Students are also spending more time practicing math fluency from simple addition to more advanced integer calculations. A Grade Ahead’s highly qualified teachers are making sure students practice these skills to improve retention, quick calculations, and accuracy. For more information about our math curriculum, visit our website.

As A Grade Ahead begins the 2024-2025 school year this June, the teaching team is hoping to make great progress with our students and their learning objectives! A few things that we always encourage A Grade Ahead students to do include the following:

  • Be consistent with weekly class attendance!
  • Make sure to complete the homework!
  • Ask questions in class!

Reach out to us to let us know how we can help you can continue to get A Grade Ahead!

The Curriculum Department Is at It Again!

A Grade Ahead’s curriculum team is constantly reviewing and adjusting the materials we use in the classroom as well! This year, they are adding lessons and student practice problems to our Kindergarten and First Grade curriculums.

A Grade Ahead HQ is also excited to announce new books for our Kindergarten students! These books are being written and illustrated by our exceptional A Grade Ahead team. They will look like physical books but be accessible online. Students will also be able to click on individual words to hear them pronounced. Alternatively, they will be able to click on a button to listen to a recording of the entire page. This is an amazing project, and A Grade Ahead is proud to offer these books to our students.

Blockbuster Blogs

A Grade Ahead will also be moving to weekly blog posts written by our Central Ohio teachers and staff. These posts include everything from study tips and book recommendations to suggestions for making learning fun. If you love the innovative ideas shared on our blog, please keep your eyes peeled for exciting new topics. Subscribe today if you want to make sure to never miss a post!

Spreading Across the Nation

A Grade Ahead franchises are popping up all over! We are adding a new franchise in Raleigh, North Carolina, but our franchises are also expanding. Our Bear, Delaware franchise is adding a Wilmington location. Meanwhile, the Liberty Hill, Texas team is nearing completion of a second Austin location. To find an A Grade Ahead near you, visit our website.

Celebrating Our Wonderful Staff and Teachers

A Grade Ahead HQ loves to celebrate our amazing staff and teachers with an annual party. This year, we challenged ourselves with Escape Room challenges. One daring team, led by Vice President Meenal Singhal, broke out of jail with 4 minutes to spare. Our other intrepid team, led by President Parag Singhal, tackled the Heist room and escaped with 6 minutes left on the clock. Afterward, we enjoyed a convivial dinner at a local restaurant. A good time was had by all, and we cannot wait to see what will happen next year!

Want More?

So do we! A Grade Ahead is a dynamic and innovative program, so we are looking forward to seeing what we come up with next. If you have suggestions for new ways we can help, please comment below.


Author: Susanna Robbins, Teacher and Curriculum Assistant at A Grade Ahead

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