The Top Five Reasons Parents Choose A Grade Ahead

After-school tutoring services are not all the same – you want the best for your child, and you’re faced with many choices when selecting the right academic enrichment program for them. Some are traditional tutoring programs designed to help kids who have fallen behind in school. Other programs focus on one subject only, like math or a foreign language. Others even look at brain function to help struggling students. A Grade Ahead takes a slightly different approach, providing academic enrichment to help students get ahead of their peers. (Want to learn more about the differences between tutoring and academic enrichment? Check out this blog post.) Our students learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills that help them excel in school and in their future.

Why Do Parents Choose Academic Enrichment at A Grade Ahead?

We know parents take the responsibility of selecting a supplemental academic program very seriously. One parent in a focus group in 2015 went so far as to say the decision of which after-school program to send his children to was a “gamble with their lives.” Clearly a lot is at stake for parents!

A Grade Ahead has helped over 29,000 students since 2001, from the time we were called MathWizard until now. But why do parents choose to entrust their children’s math, English, and science academic enrichment to us? Here are some of the reasons that parents find the right fit at A Grade Ahead. (Sources: Parent surveys, 2018 and 2019.)

REASON #1 – A Grade Ahead’s Curriculum Challenges Students

A Grade Ahead helps students pursue a path to accelerated learning. Children are challenged to understand and master a new educational topic each week. Our curriculum ensures students learn each lesson at the highest level in order to build a strong foundation.

For a curriculum sample, fill out the form here, or take a free virtual assessment here. Otherwise, see what our A Grade Ahead parents have to say:

“Great curriculum. It enriched my son’s ability to perform at an outstanding level and never missed an A grade!” (R.P., Oldsmar, FL)

“A Grade Ahead provides good curriculum-based studies with homework for kids to practice at home. Workbooks start off with concept explanation and then 4 days to practice.” (H.P., Manchester, CT)

“Kids learn new math concepts every week in a very easy way. They do not feel stressed at all because the material is presented in an understandable way for kids.” (R.N. Reston, VA)

“We really like the material quality which challenges my child and helps her to be motivated in learning new concepts every time. Not repetitive. Thank you!” (P.B., Overland Park, KS)

REASON #2 – A Grade Ahead Bolsters a Student’s Confidence

A Grade Ahead believes that “Practice Makes Progress.” Children become the best in class by learning how to advance their skills outside of the regular classroom. Our worksheets increase in difficulty with new lessons to keep students engaged, and our Blended-Learning Program even offers adaptive paths for students who need questions with a higher difficulty level! When they sit in their regular classrooms at school, they are confident in their ability to solve problems and absorb new concepts. In fact, they may have already covered the specific topic, so they breeze right through with success.

Our parents say:

“Helps improve performance of kids and boost confidence level.” (K.U. Ashburn, VA)

“I see improvement in my daughter’s report card grades and her teachers tell me they see improvement in her confidence and has become more engaged in class since she began the tutoring program.” (N.B., Carrollwood, FL)

“Best thing that ever happened to my daughter!” (A.M., Smyrna, GA)

“Study materials are competitive and above the current school standards for most of the kids. I have seen improvements in my kid throughout the academic year. This also builds additional confidence during other extra-curricular activities in school.”  (A.C. Oldsmar, FL)

REASON #3 – A Grade Ahead Helps Kids Perform Better on Standardized Tests

This is where A Grade Ahead really shines. We offer an entire month dedicated to standardized test preparation with tips, strategies, and practice tests. Not only does it help with test anxiety, but it also generates better test scores as extra practice alleviates stress and improves performance. (Read more about the test preparation month here!)

Our parents say:

“A Grade Ahead has helped my son achieve above average scores on his state standardized testing…” (M.A., Dublin, OH)

“My daughter has been getting consistently if not better MAP scores in English after joining the A Grade Ahead program. Thanks A Grade Ahead for simplifying our life and the education system.” (D.K., Hawthorn Woods, IL)

“Our son admitted that going to A Grade Ahead reduced anxiety at school because he is ahead and also helped him improve his MAP school scores” (Z.V., Avon, OH)

“I am so happy the kids love it! My daughter just took the ACT… and she did great! (S.M., Plainsboro, NJ)

REASON #4 – A Grade Ahead Truly Makes Kids ‘A Grade Ahead’

With advanced curriculum, aligned to exceed national standards, A Grade Ahead provides materials that have been researched, written, and reviewed for the appropriate grade. Our students see advanced topics each week so that they can get ahead of the class. But we don’t stop there — we understand the value of logic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and we introduce our students to real-world situations through word problems and interactive activities. Our program helps children advance faster than their peers, leading to advantages in the classroom.

Our parents say:

“I love Math Wizard/A Grade Ahead. It helped my kids grow very well and got a grade skip in math as well.” (A.M., Overland Park, KS)

“Perfect material for my son. He has been doing maths and English since 5+ years and is always ahead of a grade every year.” (H.M., Beavercreek, OH)

“It is a good way to keep your child challenged and a little ahead of their peers at school.” (P.D., Hillsborough, NJ)

“My daughter is way ahead in math and her foundation is solid, thanks to A Grade Ahead!” (A.D., Dublin, OH)

“Leo is confident with his math skills and is a leader and teacher in his class. A Grade Ahead truly puts him one grade ahead in his class!” (L.B., Hoboken, NJ)

REASON #5 – Kids Actually Like A Grade Ahead and Don’t Get Bored

A Grade Ahead students really enjoy the program structure and how the curriculum is challenging and not repetitive. Each lesson builds in complexity from the previous one, so students do not become bored. They keep moving forward incrementally as they build fundamental skills. One thing we hear frequently from our kids is that they actually enjoy A Grade Ahead, unlike some other after-school programs where the program is built on repetitive worksheets.

Our parents say:

“Awesome tutoring, knowledgeable teachers who care and make sure kids understand the material. Kids really want to go here.” (R.S., Naperville, IL)

“A place where my kids always love to go!” (S.S., Polaris, OH)

“My kid is enjoying and eager to do her homework…Thank you A Grade Ahead for this easy learning method.” (S.S., Ellicot City, MD)

“Having planned and quality study material sent directly to our home each month saves my time and energy. Kids like to work on them as well. It is a win-win for us. Thank you A Grade Ahead!!!” (H.R., Tucker, GA)


Whether parents lived close enough to enroll their children in one of A Grade Ahead’s enrichment academies or whether they received curriculum in our Enrichment at Home program, they are happy that they did so.

In fact, four out of five academy parents and 92% of Enrichment at Home parents have recommended the program to their friends and families!

Check out real success stories here, and see for yourself how A Grade Ahead is your best choice for academic enrichment!

What is your reason for choosing A Grade Ahead? What benefits do you see for your children?


Author: Brenna Waugaman, Curriculum Coordinator at A Grade Ahead


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