A Grade Ahead Students Prove Knowledge with Math Kangaroo

Every March, thousands of students from grades 1 through 12 take the Math Kangaroo test to demonstrate their superior knowledge in math. This year, hundreds of students took the test at sixteen A Grade Ahead academies with great results.

We had two students who placed 1st in the nation in their respective grades. Congratulations to Angela Zhang (4th grade) from Warren, New Jersey and Avaneesh Venkatesh (8th grade) from Tampa, Florida! Additionally, Eshaan Debnath (7th grade) from Warren, New Jersey placed 2nd in the nation.

A Grade Ahead Math Kangaroo WinnersMath Kangaroo Winners from A Grade Ahead of Franklin

A Grade Ahead’s Math Kangaroo National Winners

Here’s a list of all of the winners who took the test at A Grade Ahead academies. We are proud of all of you!

A Grade Ahead of Bear Place


Diya Krishna 12th 4
Arun Maddipati 12th 4
Jason Eum 13th 3
Shishir Dommeti 13th 6
Vaibhav Varadha 17th 4
Shreyen Kanna 18th 2


A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio



Suvam Konar 15th 5
Krish Gowda 16th 1
Saisanvi Kustagishettar 18th 4


A Grade Ahead of Farmington Place


Karthik Pyneni 11th 8
Sneha Balur 11th 7
Isha Shenoy 13th 4
Sanjay Rajan 13th 4
Jude Bauman 19th 3


A Grade Ahead of Franklin Place


Ojas Debadwar 4th 3
Dia Kabaria 9th 3
Nikhil Vellalachrvu 9th 3
Priyansh Gathana 9th 3
Saanvi Pradhan 9th 3
Siddharth Nimmagadda 9th 3
Akhila Chinta 9th 4
Anika Pandey 9th 4
Aarav Thapliyal 12th 3
Benjamin Ajang 15th 3
Tigran Polborn 18th 7
Simran Saini 19th 2


A Grade Ahead of Frisco Place


Srikar Yalam 11th 8
Saanvi Potluri 15th 2


A Grade Ahead of Louisville Place


Samuel Kingston 4th 4
Aishwarya Ramasamy 17th 4
Himani Deo 17th 4
Siyona Nagane 18th 4


A Grade Ahead of Manchester Place


Kyle Miranda 4th 4
Aryan Kalia 5th 9
Alisha Paul 11th 8
Jonathan Yu 15th 4
Bhavya Anvitha Jayavarapu 17th 4


A Grade Ahead of Oldsmar Place


Akshita Sanu 19th 2


A Grade Ahead of Parsippany Place


Maxwell Lin 8th 2
Evelyn Xu 9th 2
Aum Shah 13th 5
Ivan Shuvalov 17th 7
Sakshini Ganesh 18th 6
Yashi Kumar 18th 4


A Grade Ahead of Rocky Hill Place Grade
Ethan Wang 4th 4


A Grade Ahead of Smyrna



Arpit Mittal 16th 6


A Grade Ahead of Tampa/Brandon Place


Avaneesh Venkatesh 1st 8
Shreyashi Bodakah 6th 5
Khanh Pham 13th 6
YingKai Deng 16th 4
Siddhanth Nidadavolu 18th 3
Varsha Arun 18th 4


A Grade Ahead of Warren Place


Angela Zhang 1st 4
Eshaan Debnath 2nd 7
Saharsh Bangaru 3rd 4
Eric Shen 7th 6
Andrew Chai 8th 4
Victor Xu 14th 2
Jerry Liu 15th 8
Sophie Wang 18th 2
Navya Kolati 18th 4
Timothy Xie 19th 3


Celebrating the Math Kangaroo Winners

Math Kangaroo sends prizes to reward the winners of the competition including blue ribbons, puzzles, magnets, and even cash prizes and scholarships. In addition to this, A Grade Ahead academies honored their winners in a variety of ways.

Several academies presented certificates and prizes to winners before their A Grade Ahead classes while others, including A Grade Ahead of Franklin, created a bulletin board announcing their winners.

And some academies, including A Grade Ahead of Central Ohio, held brief ceremonies for the families of their winners. Regardless of the method, all Math Kangaroo winners were made to feel honored.

2020 Math Kangaroo Competition Registration Opens in November

Did you miss this year’s test? Do you want to prove your knowledge? Be on the lookout for emails announcing that it’s time to register for the 2020 Math Kangaroo contest at A Grade Ahead locations. Next year, we will have even more slots available to take the test at A Grade Ahead academies throughout the country!

How did your student do in this year’s Math Kangaroo contest? Do you plan to take the test next year?

Author:  Amy Daniels, Marketing Manager at A Grade Ahead

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