A Grade Ahead Ideas: Get a Jump on an All-Around Great Summer!

Although summer doesn’t technically start until the end of June, many schools are out, and temperatures are up. It is time to celebrate the three months of free time we get before school resumes in August or September. Luckily, where A Grade Ahead‘s corporate office is located in central Ohio, and likely near an A Grade Ahead by you, there is always something to do. Use the ideas below to get a jump on a fun, mentally and physically healthy summer!

Get Moving!

Without gym class to keep us in shape, it can be helpful to find activities during the summer to help us remain fit and healthy!

  1. Here in Central Ohio, consider the Columbus Metro Parks, where any of the following activities are available to you:
  • Biking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Natural Play Areas
  • Nature Centers
  • Picnic Shelters

If you’re looking for a great park near you, use Find Your Park’s Park Finder.

  1. Reach new heights. Consider rock climbing by visiting a local climbing facility.

You can learn more about indoor rock climbing by reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Rock Climbing” from Bearfoot Theory.

  1. Beat the heat. Take a cooling summer swim at a public pool. Check out central Ohio options below:

Looking for a local swimming spot to call your own? Check out Joyln’s Local Pool Finder.

Expand Your Mind!

Gym class isn’t the only subject missing over the summer. We also take a break from academics like math, English, and science.

  1. Stay sharp. To combat mental fatigue and sharpen intelligence, consider signing up for an enrichment program. A Grade Ahead offers free assessments! Alternately, try looking into an enrichment camp like these offered by A Grade Ahead:
  1. Be amazed. See if your area has a science, STEM, or STEAM facility. COSI: Center of Science and Industry is a great central Ohio option. They often offer rotating exhibits to keep each visit fresh and exciting!
  2. Read all about it. An oldie but a goodie for a reason, do not forget to sign up for a summer reading program! Central Ohio offers several free options. Don’t forget your local library will also likely be running a program.

Have Fun!

Last but not least, summer is the time to explore and have fun. Nearly every activity that you enjoy can be enriching in some way!

  1. Root for the home team. Take yourself out to the ballgame by cheering on your local major or minor league team. Here in central Ohio, cheer on the Columbus Clippers at Huntington Park!
  2. Stroll around. Take a long walk. In central Ohio, consider the Columbus Commons, which also boasts frequent events and a carousel!
  3. Be a critic. Decide what type of art you enjoy the most at your local art museum. Here in central Ohio, the Columbus Museum of Art has free admission on Sundays.

Many of these activities are quick and easy to find by searching on your favorite browser, so check out what’s available and local to your area.

What do you think? What is your favorite summer activity? Have you tried ay of these before? Are you looking forward to keeping with tradition or trying something new this season? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


Author: Kyrsten O’Donnell, Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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