A Grade Ahead Fall Favorites 2018

Staff members at A Grade Ahead were asked to take a survey about some of their favorite things about fall. Although there are many questions that can be asked, here are the ones we chose:

A Grade Ahead Fall Favorites 2018 Infographic

What do you like best about the fall season?

Answers such as the “the leaves changing colors,” to “the cool air and scents,” as well as many commenting that they like the fall fashion and “cozy sweaters.”

What do you like least about the fall season?

Many of the responses were about the impending cold weather, pests coming inside, shorter days, and “Christmas decorations already going up in stores.”

What family traditions do you have in fall?

The most popular answers involved Pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating.  Other traditions were Thanksgiving dinner with the family, decorating for Christmas, and bonfires.

Which have you done?

The A Grade Ahead Survey gave a choice of things they have done during the fall season.  The choices were Corn or straw maze, Haunted house, Pumpkin Carving, or Hayride.

What was fall like where you grew up? Climate-wise.

Most of the staff surveyed were from areas similar to Ohio with four seasons. Others who grew up in warmer weather said it “really doesn’t feel like, ‘fall.’”

What poems or books make you think of fall? Or what poems or books do you often read in fall?

The list includes…

Another A Grade Ahead staff member suggested the poetry and short stories of Edgar Allen Poe, calling it “fear-invoking,” and “of a frightful nature.”  With suggestion such as, “The Raven,” “The Mask of the Red Death,” and “The Cask of Amontillado.”

What do you like best about the fall season? Do you have any family traditions for the fall?  Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Author: Pam Crum, Lead Teacher at A Grade Ahead

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