5 Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever This Winter

5 Tips to Avoid Cabin Fever This WinterWinter feels so long, doesn’t it? Even though it is apparently about the same length as all of the other seasons, it just seems to drag on forever and ever. Maybe, it’s the cold. Maybe, it’s the dark, or the snow, or the craziness we seem to feel after being stuck inside for so many months. Whatever the reason, though, winter boredom and cabin fever seem to be inevitable. However, I’ve compiled a list of some fun ideas for you and your kids that will hopefully help the end of winter pass at a relatively faster rate.

Avoid Cabin Fever: 5 Little Ideas for Big Winter Fun

 1. Bundle Up and Get Outside!

This idea may seem obvious; however, from my many years of working as a nanny, I know the idea of heading outdoors with children on a cold and snowy day can seem like a Herculean task – especially when it seems like it takes longer to get the kids ready to go out than the time you actually end up spending outside! But stepping outside, even for just a few minutes, can go a long way in helping kids get some energy out. Build a snowman! Take a winter hike! Simply take a walk around the block. Whatever you do, you can be assured your children will feel refreshed once you return home.

2. Explore the Community!

A quick Google search can tell you a lot about the fun (and often free!) events going on in your community. You can find activities in a variety of venues for a range of ages. A great place to start is your local library. Libraries are great resources for free, educational programs and activities, and often times, they also promote other local events on a community board.

3. Read Your Worries Away!

Winter is a great time to encourage reading within your family, especially for children who may not be so excited about it normally. When the weather is nice, it is easy to prefer to get outside and be active rather than sitting indoors and reading, but when it’s cold and options are few, reading can start to look pretty fun! And you can make it even more intriguing in a variety of ways. Why not have a family book club? Or create a read-a-thon and see who can read the most books throughout the winter. Maybe read a book as a family, and then have your children act it out as a play! Your imagination is the only limit here.

4. Embrace the Indoors!

It can feel like your house is out of control in the winter, with children running all around because they can’t get outside, and so it can be easy to start to feel like a stranger in your own house; however, browsing Pinterest can give you countless ideas for activities that can be safely enjoyed indoors. The great part is that depending on your enthusiasm level on any given day, these activities can range from the very simple to entirely over-the-top! One of my personal favorites is searching for “minute to win it” games for kids. I like these because they are simple to put together and relatively mess-free, but they are exciting for everyone in the whole family! Visit this link over at The Chaos and the Clutter blog for a bunch of these games that require nothing more than a trip to your favorite dollar store.

5. Dare to Dream!

Winter is a great time to complete projects around the house. And this can be something the whole family can be involved in. Encourage your children to go through their old clothes and toys and collect items that they can donate to those in need. While your children may not be thrilled at the prospect at first, it is a great teaching moment, and it feels so rewarding once the task is complete. But why stop there? If you don’t already, winter is a really great time to have children start helping around the house by completing age-appropriate chores. Of course, you can make this more exciting in many ways, including making a sticker chart, or turning some chores into a game (“Who can pick up the most blocks the fastest?”). Then, with any luck, by the time spring rolls around, your house will be tidy and ready for the warmer months!

What do you think? Does your family suffer from cabin fever in the winter? What are some of your go-to activities to help? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Author: Emily Karth, Program Coordinator at A Grade Ahead

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