5 Signs Your Child Needs to Attend an After-school Learning Center in the New Year

 As parents, we want to make sure we are preparing our kids to be successful in the real world but there are so many distractions. Pressures at work, family obligations, and the stresses of daily life can pile up. Sometimes monitoring your children’s schoolwork and academic progress becomes difficult. That’s where an after-school learning center can help. It alleviates the worry that parents feel and lets the experts provide the proper pathway to your child’s academic success.

5 Signs an After-school Learning Center Is Right for Your Child

      1. Your child is excelling at school and needs a challenge.

“School is so boring! I hate it!” If this is something you hear frequently from your child, it’s possible that he or she is not being challenged in the classroom. All public school districts have their strengths and weaknesses. Some excel at customizing studies for students of all ability levels. Others lack the resources to provide for the needs of each individual student. If you feel your child is not being challenged, an after-school enrichment program can help. Most after-school educational systems provide assessments to determine exactly what a student understands and can provide lessons exactly tailored to his or her needs. It is this individualized attention that makes after-school enrichment programs ideal for a gifted or advanced student.

     2.Your child can’t focus on schoolwork.

These days, distractions are everywhere for children. Tablets, phones, video games, and on-demand television are constantly available for kids, and it can be difficult to find the time and location to focus on homework. Kids who are meant to be writing papers or accessing math assignments online are pulled to play a quick game of Minecraft or check their emails. After-school enrichment programs can help provide a consistent time and place to focus on learning in an environment with zero electronic distractions.

     3.Your child’s grades are falling behind.

 Nothing is more troubling than seeing your child’s grade slip. A child who used to get all A’s without trying sometimes has difficulty as he or she begins switching classes, having multiple teachers, or taking more challenging classes. After-school enrichment programs are a perfect way for a student to supplement his or her learning in school to solidify his or her skills. Teachers in after-school programs are able to provide more individualized attention and may explain concepts differently than a classroom teacher. The skills and confidence gained through participating in an after school enrichment program can lead to improved grades and can get a child back on track academically.

    4.Your child is spending more and more time on homework.

Homework time can be a family’s least favorite time, especially if a student is spending hours and hours working on assignments that are not meant to be difficult. After-school learning centers can put an end to the struggles. Many offer homework help, private tutoring, or classes designed to teach foundational skills necessary to gain confidence, which can lead to improved understanding and less time spent on homework. Often, educational enrichment centers teach curriculum that is ahead of the school system. Being exposed to material and concepts in advance of learning them in school, makes homework a much less daunting, and faster task.

   5. Your child’s abilities in math or reading usually decline over summer.

 According to the National Summer Learning Association most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Year-round after-school enrichment programs put students in the position to not only maintain their knowledge over the summer months, but to continue to learn and improve their skills. Attending class once a week with their peers can be fun, especially when school is out, and the at-home curriculum which reinforces lessons learned in class, is perfect to combat the boredom of too many lazy days.

How have after-school enrichment programs helped your child? Share your stories with us in the comments. 

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