5 Service Learning Projects for Students

Service Learning Project IdeasIf you’re looking for an easy introduction to service learning projects (also called service projects) for your child, then one of the projects listed below could be exactly what you need. These service learning project ideas are easy to set up and manage. Of course, your child may need help in developing goals or analyzing his or her impact, but that’s part of the learning experience.

5 Service Learning Project Ideas

 1. Start a community or neighborhood-wide recycling project.

These projects start by contacting local housing or neighborhood associations such as landlords or property managers. Once you have permission, you can contact local garbage and recycling companies to see what options are available for your neighborhood, such as locations to drop off recycling if your waste management company does not have a pick-up service.

2. Become a weekend litter warrior.

Litter can be a big problem even for a small community. Luckily, going out and picking up litter can make a huge difference in the community. All your child needs is the resolve to commit a few hours on a weekend a few times a month to help improve his or her neighborhood. Some great community spaces that might appreciate the extra support are in and around parks, schools, and libraries.

3. Organize a fundraiser or charitable donation day for a special non-profit organization.

For the cause or charity that you and your child hold most dear, raising money to help fund a non-profit can be worthwhile. Make sure that your child has done research on his or her non-profit of choice so that he or she can understand how the money or donated goods will be distributed to those in need.

4. Plant a backyard garden and donate the produce to a local charity.

If you have some extra space in your backyard, or maybe even your front yard, an edible garden can be an easy way to create and maintain a service learning project. Space in the yard will most likely be limited, but that can also make sure that a service learning project remains manageable. If you have even a small 2 feet by 6 feet area to grow a garden, your child can plant kale or lettuce, potatoes or garlic, peas or green beans, and carrots or tomatoes.

5. Donate time to less fortunate children or the elderly.

Volunteering to read to younger students at a library or community outreach center, or setting up a program to hang out with elderly members of the community can provide endless social benefits and learning opportunities.

No matter what your child is interested in, you can help your child cultivate a sense of service in the community while he or she learns valuable lessons about life and his or her relationships with other members of the community. Just remember, your child may need help, and you should encourage him or her to work on a project that is interesting but also has achievable goals.

Has your child participated in a service learning project that helped him or her learn a valuable lesson?

Author: Nicole Acevedo, Teacher Manager, A Grade Ahead

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