Month: April 2016

What is STEAM in Education?

In the field of education, while STEM topics—science, technology, engineering, and math—play fairly visible roles in students’ instruction, another subject is gaining a better grip on K-12 teaching philosophy and turning the STEM concept into the more well-rounded STEAM education. STEAM Curriculum STEAM focuses not only on science, technology, engineering, and math in the classroom, […]

5 Super Online Reading Resources for Middle School Students

Reading is one of the most important subjects that students engage in throughout their school careers. So, it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of hours dedicated to learning to read, understanding comprehension, and analyzing prose. By the time students get to middle school, many will have read between 150 and 200 books, with a […]

Real Stories: From MathWizard Student to Teacher — Abshaar Narvel

 What happens to students after they graduate from our programs? As MathWizard turns 15 years old, we have begun to see our students turn into adults. Our former students have grown into impressive adults with great stories to tell. One former student in particular has a special story: Abshaar Narvel. She has turned from student […]

Which After-School Educational Program Is Right For Your Child?

When people think of adding an educational program for their children outside of school, they often think of tutoring first. But is tutoring the best choice? For a more well-rounded and in-depth program, students may benefit more from an after-school enrichment program. To decide which is best for their child, parents are going to need […]

7 Common Signs Your Child Needs Math Tutoring

Math is one of the most common subjects in which students struggle. It is important for struggling students to get help as soon as possible because learning math is a sequence of interdependent steps. One must fully understand the concepts of any current or previous steps before moving on to the next one. This is […]