Month: February 2016

Understanding the Common Core: It’s Not What You Think

 Since the development of the standards, the Common Core has created much controversy. In fact, 45 states originally adopted the Common Core standards, but the number has now dwindled to 42 with some states currently under review of the Common Core.  So, what if your state never adopted the Common Core standards, or what if […]

Resources to Understand Your State’s Standardized Testing Practices

 State standardized tests often seem like a daunting subject to tackle at first. With so much at stake, parents may feel overwhelmed with what these tests are in the first place and how they can help their children become successful later. Fortunately, there are many resources to search through when parents need more information on […]

English and Math Programs For Kids: Real Families, Real Results—The Ganesh Family, Pennsylvania

When Raja Ganesh heard about MathWizard’s At Home Learning program at his temple, he thought it sounded like something that could help his son. While outstanding in math, Raja’s son Karthik wasn’t as strong in English, struggling with grammar and comprehension. Despite attending a nationally-known learning center for six months, the family was not seeing […]

The Educational Impact of Reading on Learning English Language Arts: How Decreased Reading Affects Vocabulary, Comprehension, & Writing

Reading at home is one of the best tools for learning English! Not only does reading at home improve comprehension and writing skills, but it also increases vocabulary. In fact, reading for just 10 minutes can expose kids to thousands of words! LEARNING ENGLISH FOR KIDS: CHECK OUT MORE DATA ON THE EDUCATIONAL IMPACT OF READING! […]

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally…And 10 More Silly Educational Rhymes & Phrases for Kids

Two of the best silly phrases we first hear about are learned in kindergarten. We learn them early, but we use them forever. When we learned to count… One, two, buckle my shoe; Three, four, shut the door; Five, six, pick up sticks; Seven, eight, lay them straight; Nine, ten, begin again. This is a funny, little […]

The Essential Guide to Online Standardized Test Prep Resources

 The world of standardized testing is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to navigate. There are, however, many resources available for parents and teachers anxious to know how to help their students excel at the many standardized tests given from primary school to high school. Standardized Test Prep Information: Where to Find It Although […]