Water Crafts Kids Can Do Outside

Unsupervised play promotes creativity in children, but outdoor structured play that is fun and hands on can have the same effect. Crafting is a great way to get kids involved using their imagination and seeing a finished product. The beauty of water crafts kids can do outside is… if it gets messy, it’s easy to […]

A Grade Ahead’s Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Our Teacher and Admin, Johnny Taylor

Johnny is an administrator and teacher who attended Xavier University for three years and completed his Bachelors of Science in Education at Otterbein University. He is a valuable member of the A Grade Ahead team who wears many hats for the company. In fact, Johnny has participated or helped in just about every aspect of […]

How to Make Amusement Parks Educational

Want to treat your children to a theme park but make sure they’re learning at the same time? Believe it or not, that’s simpler than you may think. In fact, if you want to make an amusement park educational, just try any or all of the tips below! How to Make Amusement Parks Educational without […]

Summer Reading Recommendations from Teachers at A Grade Ahead

Although I personally wouldn’t know it from the seemingly endless cold, snowy, and very un-springlike weather we have been experiencing where I’m from, summer is right around the corner! Now, that may leave you cheering or wanting to run for the hills, but either way, I’m here to discuss one of my favorite summer activities: […]

A Grade Ahead Enrichment Academies Explained in New Video

Have you ever wondered about how and why A Grade Ahead came in to existence? Or what makes A Grade Ahead’s enrichment academies different from the other after-school programs across the country? Or were you curious about how the program works? We thought you might be interested. So with the help of OutNAbout Columbus, we […]

7 Creative Ways to Improve Studying at Home

Close your eyes and picture someone studying for an upcoming test.  What do you see? Most likely a child, sitting at a desk with his or her notes scattered everywhere. The child is probably tired, bored, and possibly a little anxious.  All these feeling are often associated with studying and, quite honestly, can lead to […]