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Motivate Students After Winter Break

Welcoming students back to A Grade Ahead after the holiday break has been wonderful. I have been fortunate to hear what each student did during this important respite. After a demanding first semester, students use holiday break to relax, enjoy …
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Not So Scary Shakespeare

Tips for Approaching His Work The works of William Shakespeare are a staple in middle and high school English classes, but here at A Grade Ahead, we understand that they can often be intimidating for students. The archaic language can …
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10 New Year Traditions from Around the World

While some people follow different calendars, December 31st marks the new year for many people; it is usually seen as an opportunity for letting go of negativity and embracing a fresh start. In the United States, you’ll find hats, noisemakers, …
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Study Tips for the Winter Months

Beating the Winter Blues As the days become shorter and the snow begins to fall, it is increasingly difficult to stay motivated. The gloomy days invite us to snuggle up with a good book, movie, or exciting video game. However, …
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Winter Holidays Around the World

In the month of December in Central Ohio, the colorful transition of fall eases us into the long period of winter. Here in Powell at the A Grade Ahead headquarters, we embrace the chilly season adorned with sweaters, scarves, mugs …
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The “Write” Way

How to Get Started on Different Types of Writing Assignments When faced with writing an essay, story, or another type of writing assignment, students and writers alike may feel lost on where to begin. This is especially true when the …
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Healthy Holiday Habits for Balanced Eating

Here at A Grade Ahead, like much of the world, we are gearing up for the holiday season. Roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and corn are just a few staples that are commonly found at Thanksgiving dinner. Similarly, the month …
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Unconventional Education: Kerbal Space Program

Here at A Grade Ahead, we’re proud to provide your child with educational enrichment that can push their skills to new heights. While our programs can help students excel, there are other fantastic sources of learning that can help kids …
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Creative Ways to Teach Kids Math

Math Minded with Xavier Here at A Grade Ahead, we know that mathematics is a crucial skill that children need to develop early in life. However, for many kids, math lessons can be intimidating and boring. The good news is …
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A Grade Ahead Examines: Student Advocacy

I was recently chatting with some parents in my neighborhood, and I learned that some of their kids are dissatisfied with school. Overall, these kids had had success in school, but they were becoming bored, and this was affecting grades. …
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