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How to Transfer an IEP to another School

A parent of a child with a disability has worked with their school to assemble an Individual Education Program (IEP). When the services are decided upon, you have a plan for reaching the child’s goals, and then you learn that …
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Outdoor Math Games for Elementary Students

Outdoor math games for elementary students can be played at recess or at home, and they offer a chance for the students to practice math skills in an engaging and fun way.  And although choosing an interactive game that a …
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3 Important Writing Skills to Improve Right Now

With anything someone decides to learn, there are easy concepts, and there are concepts that take more time, effort, and practice to master. English has many skills that cannot be taught within a few months of English lessons, especially when …
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7 Reasons Students Should Write Every Day

It seems that teachers are always talking about the importance of writing every day, but as with many things, when kids are hit with something they are not particularly fond of, the response to such recommendations might be something along …
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Lessons Learned From Our Fathers

My dad was one of the most magnificent men I have had in my life.  He was a supporter of dreams and a source of incredible inspiration. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, 2017 and I want to pay tribute …
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