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How to Make the Most of an Educational Enrichment Program

Parents who enroll their children in an educational enrichment academy like A Grade Ahead are making an investment in their children’s future with both their time and money. Here are some tips for parents and students to make the most of an educational enrichment program – in other words, to get their money’s worth! Afterschool […]

10 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read More

In this day in age, with instant information at our fingertips with the click of a mouse, and with more television and movies than we could ever possibly watch thanks to streaming services, this age-old question seems more relevant than ever: “How do I get my child to read more?”  It seems that nearly every […]

Real Stories: From MathWizard Student to Teacher — Abshaar Narvel

 What happens to students after they graduate from our programs? As MathWizard turns 15 years old, we have begun to see our students turn into adults. Our former students have grown into impressive adults with great stories to tell. One former student in particular has a special story: Abshaar Narvel. She has turned from student […]

Which After-School Educational Program Is Right For Your Child?

When people think of adding an educational program for their children outside of school, they often think of tutoring first. But is tutoring the best choice? For a more well-rounded and in-depth program, students may benefit more from an after-school enrichment program. To decide which is best for their child, parents are going to need […]

10 Free Online Reading Websites for Students

Whether you’re looking to supplement your child’s education further at home, or looking for more educational activities for your child to engage in his or her free time, the internet is a great go-to resource. However, how often do you find yourself getting excited about a website when suddenly it is asking you to pay […]

Why You Should Supplement Your Child’s Public Education with An After-School Enrichment Program

All education, unfortunately, as most parents know, is not created equal. Public schools can differ in teaching staff and resources depending on the school district in which you live. Areas that boast top-ranked public schools are usually more expensive. If parents do not live in a top-ranked school district, they may consider private school as […]

After-school Enrichment Programs vs. After-school Tutoring: What’s the Difference?

Maybe you are considering enrolling your child into an after-school program, but the question then becomes, “Which one?” And that is a completely valid question. With so many different options at your disposal, it can be confusing to understand and choose just the right one for your child. Would after-school tutoring be a better choice, […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in an After-school Enrichment Program

 You spend a lot of time fulfilling your child’s physical needs. You go to great lengths to make sure that evenings and weekends are filled with engaging physical activities, such as regular after-school sports or weekend sports camps. But just like sports camps can help your kids spend hours developing their physical abilities, at least […]

The Educational Impact of Reading on Learning English Language Arts: How Decreased Reading Affects Vocabulary, Comprehension, & Writing

Reading at home is one of the best tools for learning English! Not only does reading at home improve comprehension and writing skills, but it also increases vocabulary. In fact, reading for just 10 minutes can expose kids to thousands of words! LEARNING ENGLISH FOR KIDS: CHECK OUT MORE DATA ON THE EDUCATIONAL IMPACT OF READING! […]